Best way to monitor investments across multiple platforms?

(Ben Kinnard) #1

I’ve been following freetrade excitedly for a while and am loving the android app. Now that I have some investments across multiple accounts, I wanted to know if there is a good way to access everything at once. How do others monitor their whole portfolio?

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I use Webull. It requires me to manually enter all my investments, but I didn’t have much luck with scraping all the data into a spreadsheet. Webull also has some handy features such as price alerts.

(G M) #3

I’ve imported quantities and buy price in Google Sheets and balances are automatically updated via the GOOGLEFINANCE( function.
I’m also tracking it via personal finance aggregator apps like Emma and Moneyhub.

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Just to follow up on this: I’ve reverted to Google Sheets.

While Webull’s great for monitoring performance and a host of other things, as a long-term investor, I’m not that interested in day-to-day prices and it feels more geared towards trading.

Perhaps the No1 thing I want to monitor is my allocations, so I can rebalance from time to time, and Webull falls down a little in that regard.

Plus – by pulling all the data into a spreadsheet, you can run all manner of custom calculations on it.