💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

I don’t mean to put a such downer on it, I agree with the approach of pushing code fast and often. I just hope future iterations do revisit some of the core design patterns / principles rather than just adding functionality.


It looks good. I’m glad you don’t need the app to log in. However, it is disappointing that you cannot yet do basics like buy, sell, top up or withdraw, especially as all I really want from it is execution. I’m sure it’ll be one of the first things added but I’m afraid the webapp’s pretty useless to me until then.


Congrats to the Freetrade team, I’m sure more has gone into this initial bootstrap than appears.

At least now we can really see how quickly Freetrade can ship/iterate. Hopefully it won’t all be “backend/performance” updates.

Expecting stock discovery and trading soon.


Slightly concerned about security. With the app we need to install it and then use a “Magic link”, whose “secret code” only has eight digits. With over 1M users, it feels like a “lucky” bot could manage to snatch one or two of those, at least in principle, if there aren’t additional security measures under the hood when magic links are used.

I feel that having a web platform makes this risk even higher, as it is much easier to automate processes in-browser than it is through an app interface.

I’m a broken record on this, but Freetrade desperately needs 2FA.


Although it’s quite sparse, I’m all for FT shipping early and often. It will give the community the opportunity to steer things in the right direction.


@rehpot Thanks for the feedback! I agree, and we’ll be regularly communicating as we add this functionality.

@crebbo :smile: Hope you won’t be disappointed!

@SirCaesar it’s a great question, so one of the limitations of the web is that you need to open the magic link in the exact same browser as it was requested with, this means if someone accidentally shared their magic link (or it’s guessed/generated automatically), without the browser that initiated that login request, the code is useless. Great feedback about 2FA more generally. I’ll pass that on!

@fryry Thanks! That’s definitely the plan!


Ah, that’s great then. Thanks for the answer!


Good stuff keeping in mind that this in an MVP. Looking forward to seeing progress and great that it’s being built in public :clap::clap:


upon login, part of me was expecting to see enhanced charting capabilities, indicators etc…

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Why not integrating tradingview charting functions into the web?


Love it - Everyone needs to remember:



Im happy that’s the feature is rolled out atleast they can improve on it and focus on other features too good progress freetrade keep it up


This is exactly what we wanted to hear and if it goes well, it will go a long way to restoring faith in the community :raised_hands:


@freddiejmc @Pdw @My.financial.journey Thanks, and please do send feedback! :smile:

@DarkRabbit @mamoskoja This is definitely something we’re looking into, and TradingView could be a good option for advanced charting!


Currently don’t have the Plus but would be happy to test it for free until the beta version is finished.


Tried it.

Like the layout and like that freetrade is moving beyond being an app only broker.

Also congrats for having us as testers, and starting at the begining. We can tell you features that would work etc.

Please remember to play nice as it’s in beta and FT openly have a sign for this.


Personally, not interested in web 99% of the time but seems OK for a Beta and nice and clean. Too early to judge either way but I do like the idea of improving quickly/constantly with what works rather than going all in and wasting time/energy on elements that are not popular.

Let’s give as much constructive criticism/praise where possible for the team to make what everyone wants :slight_smile:


Gotta moan that its only for plus … Moan over…


A few thoughts:
• It’s very useful seeing the investments on the larger screen, I’ll definitely be using for a more detailed look at my investments
• We can now sort the portfolio by value or top/bottom performers on the day (having the option to do the same by month would be a good addition)
• We can see the pound amount of gains and losses on a single screen (unlike on the app)
• We’re waiting for Insights, Discover, Activity, Benchmarking, Watchlist etc

I’d like to see a Dashboard page where:
• I can click on each investment to see how it is doing and cycle through each one by one without having to open a new tab per investment (something like the below).
• View the entry/exit points of the investments on the chart
• Add a number ranking for each holding? (which updates based on the sorting criteria)
• I’d consider this a “Portfolio Review” or “portfolio at a glance” page

On a separate page, perhaps discover would suit:
• Comparison between investment options against at a glance, like on Google Finance:


@clloyd You have absolutely made my day. And actually it was a pretty good one already.

I know this is the first iteration of a public beta so is super limited, but I am absolutely STOKED that I can actually view my investments online in a web browser. As others have rightly commented, there’s a huge distance to go, but there is no way you can dampen my excitement and joy to log in to web.freetrade.io. It was truly a thrill.

:pray: :pray: :pray: