💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

Great to see iteration on this! Nice work to all involved :slight_smile:


Would be nice to see a dividends section with dividends earned like M1 finance


Hi everyone! :wave:

Following on from adding search functionality on Freetrade Web, Plus members can now explore instruments by sector. :classical_building:

Use the Discover homepage to view our full stock universe filtered by sectors like Finance, Industrials and Tech. You can also navigate to specific sectors from individual stock pages.

We love hearing what you think, so please keep sending us your feedback.

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When you invest your capital is at risk, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invest.


My “since you began investing” amount on the web interface is showing that I’m up by ~£30K. Sadly not the case! The balance looks accurate but actually I’m down ~£4K. Both numbers are displaying correctly in the app so maybe a bug to check out with the new site?

Hello there @BlueberrySnow. Thanks for letting us know.

This should be solved now, are you now seeing the right numbers being displayed?


Hi @Rafael

Seeing as you’ve popped your head above the parapet don’t suppose you know if @CYBER’s issue can be looked at.

Hey @NeilB thanks, just DM’d @CYBER.

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How are people finding the web version? Useful?

What are the big things people would like to see added?


At what point does beta testing come to an end? It was launched on the 27th April, we are now 13 weeks on. It would be good to get an update of what have Freetrade has learned from this? What changes will be implemented from the feedback and when gamma testing will occur.


I agree Freetrade can we get an update @clloyd

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Unfortunately I’ve left Freetrade as part of the recent redundancies, so I don’t have any inside information, but I also eagerly await updates.


:grimacing: thats…not good


Hi @clloyd

It’s disappointing to hear the news. From a passionate Freetrade user I wanted to thank you for your efforts with Freetrade Web, it’s a platform many people were looking forward to and it’s a shame you’ll not get to ship the full version.

Good luck with your future endeavors


Sorry to hear about this.


:disappointed: sorry to hear it mate

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Hello there,

It’s been a bit since our last post and we want to thank you all so much for testing Freetrade Web and for providing us with feedback. As some of you may know, Freetrade has recently gone through a redundancy process with some of the team responsible for Freetrade Web leaving. We thank @clloyd and the team for the awesome work they did to get it up and running for you all.

Web is still an important offering for Freetrade customers. From all of your feedback we appreciate the value and potential that this platform holds. We still see a complete web platform as a part of Freetrade’s offering.

As the designer responsible for Web beta, I know there is a lot still to do, and that we’re only just getting things off the ground.

As we work through handover and ownership of the platform there is going to be some disruption to adding new features to the platform. Your continuous feedback and testing is still valuable and we will continue to monitor and use it to carve the direction of the web platform.


Thanks for the open communication on the status of the product. It’s what’s set freetrade apart in the past so I hope that can continue in the future? (Tell your bosses it’s appreciated)

The redundancies are a real shame as I’ve been looking forward to some key features in the future (web, reporting, automated investing options etc.)

Hopefully it won’t impact things to much in the long run. Getting good engineers and keeping them is hard (it’s why we no longer care about location at my work when hiring anymore. We’ve got better staff now going remote). Hopefully you’ll be able to find ways to be more efficient with less resources… and hopefully web doesn’t stay in a holding pattern for to long


Hello , can you explain what this means

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Either way i was really looking forward to a decent web interface.
It`s a shame its now on the backburner again,
I think that would have attracted alot more investors.

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Each project is given to individual product managers who work with various departments to deliver their project, on time hopefully.

With the departure of @clloyd the responsibilities he held will need to be passed on to someone else to manage.