💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

I don’t currently have access to this just yet so my feedback will be based on what others have posted as screenshots.

  • Along the top where you can switch between GIA - ISA - SIPP, I see that ‘Treasury Bills’ seems to be omitted.

  • As we now have more space, it may be feasable to add pre-market and after-hours prices to the right of the stock price, giving us users more information about how the stock is being traded based on news when the markets are not open.

  • I am with @Panik - “I’d prefer the list of investments to be below the graph, with watchlist along side.” . This is of course my personal preferance and I am sure you have done your research during the UX Design phase :crossed_fingers:t3: but it feels more intuative to me.

  • I do like the percentage change between 2 points feature you appear to have implimented, which does bring me onto another point that I have brought up in the past, when you are looking at portfolio perfomance you should be able to select a year-to-date (YTD).


Would like to see bid and ask eventually. I know simplicity is the point but we all need the bid and ask

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Got access. Main issue for me is why is the graph so big ? Carnt get all the data on the screen

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Just been granted access, So this is a super quick suggestion - The Cash Balance widget should not be below the investments on the right hand side, requiring scrolling down to view it. This ideally needs to be positioned at the top of the page to the right or left of the search on the top navigation.

A customisable dashboard would be cool. I’m implementing one at work at the moment, you can drag widgets about and resize them etc.

Funny you mention that, When I first logged in it did remind me of a little of a wordpress dashboard, The UI does give off the vibe that the widgets could be moved around.

Why do we all need it?

It makes no difference to the average user.


I disagree, there are regular complaints on here about execution prices from people who bought penny stocks with a massive spread. Showing Bid and ask would solve that

Of course it does with some spreads on the stock market freetrade might show you that your in prpfit but you might end up selling at a loss

It wouldn’t though. Because most people don’t even understand what the spread is. The people that moan are always wrong as trades are always executed at the market price.

Fine - for a tiny % of trash penny stocks it matters to some. But for anything else it really doesn’t.

You still see the sell price on the quote before you execute the trade.

If you’re trading shares and getting potentially wiped out by the spread you probably should look at a different way to make money.


You dont see an accurate share proce on quote with freetrade though


Im fine with the way i make money

526 April
322 so far this month

Can i just say its its a forum so its ok for diffrent people to have diffrent opinions?

You were the person that said everyone needs the bid/ask shown.

The reality is the minority of people need it.

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But thats the issue. Yes freetrade is cheep but in the long run you will end up losing money due to no live quotes and not having a bid and ask

Buy or sell with a limit order if the price matters.


I have to agree with Slim, yes it’s a good thing to know, but not everyone needs it.

You certainly don’t lose money because of not knowing it. Trades are executed at the best price available.

Saying you’ll lose money without knowing it seems to come across as that’s a freetrade issue other brokers wouldn’t have, but I reality, freetrade would execute at the same price as others anyway, so no money lost. (aside from those that do pfof…)

You can use orders to minimise your concern on spread but ultimately for the long term, if you’ve identified a company you’re happy to buy for the long term it has less of an issue.

Agree, everyone can have and it’s healthy to have a difference of opinion. It’s also healthy for others to challenge what they perceive to be incorrect statements.


Another half bake product total net worth is very needed I have calculators to realise my true wealth and other features mentioned is very need but again it’s in beta still and feedback might change the new website and apps


I think people do lose money by not knowing the bid/ask, because they buy low liquidity penny stocks with a 10% spread. Then they come on here raging because they are down straight away. If they could see the spread they might think twice.