💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

This is exactly what we wanted to hear and if it goes well, it will go a long way to restoring faith in the community :raised_hands:


@freddiejmc @Pdw @My.financial.journey Thanks, and please do send feedback! :smile:

@DarkRabbit @mamoskoja This is definitely something we’re looking into, and TradingView could be a good option for advanced charting!


Currently don’t have the Plus but would be happy to test it for free until the beta version is finished.


Tried it.

Like the layout and like that freetrade is moving beyond being an app only broker.

Also congrats for having us as testers, and starting at the begining. We can tell you features that would work etc.

Please remember to play nice as it’s in beta and FT openly have a sign for this.


Personally, not interested in web 99% of the time but seems OK for a Beta and nice and clean. Too early to judge either way but I do like the idea of improving quickly/constantly with what works rather than going all in and wasting time/energy on elements that are not popular.

Let’s give as much constructive criticism/praise where possible for the team to make what everyone wants :slight_smile:


Gotta moan that its only for plus … Moan over…


A few thoughts:
• It’s very useful seeing the investments on the larger screen, I’ll definitely be using for a more detailed look at my investments
• We can now sort the portfolio by value or top/bottom performers on the day (having the option to do the same by month would be a good addition)
• We can see the pound amount of gains and losses on a single screen (unlike on the app)
• We’re waiting for Insights, Discover, Activity, Benchmarking, Watchlist etc

I’d like to see a Dashboard page where:
• I can click on each investment to see how it is doing and cycle through each one by one without having to open a new tab per investment (something like the below).
• View the entry/exit points of the investments on the chart
• Add a number ranking for each holding? (which updates based on the sorting criteria)
• I’d consider this a “Portfolio Review” or “portfolio at a glance” page

On a separate page, perhaps discover would suit:
• Comparison between investment options against at a glance, like on Google Finance:


@clloyd You have absolutely made my day. And actually it was a pretty good one already.

I know this is the first iteration of a public beta so is super limited, but I am absolutely STOKED that I can actually view my investments online in a web browser. As others have rightly commented, there’s a huge distance to go, but there is no way you can dampen my excitement and joy to log in to web.freetrade.io. It was truly a thrill.

:pray: :pray: :pray:


Great news on the launch of the web platform FT, this is a good step forward for both the company, current and future users of the brand

Keep up the great work and continue to improve the platform based upon beta/user feedback to enrich the experience for users and also remove those pesky :ant: :bug: :lady_beetle: :grin::+1:t2:


Having played around for a bit it seems a work in progress. Assuming the narrow format leaving 50% of the screen empty is maybe to fill later with other things. Problem is it makes it feel like an app loaded on a web page. Simply increasing size to fit would be better and improve the graph.

I think the “1 day” function is broken as well as I cant work out what it is doing when you click it. Looks really random and like they started a filter for various time periods but not finished. Great if it does this soon but not at the moment.

See absolutely no logic to the order.

A bit slow to load and refresh, would be good to add watchlist etc but that has all been said above. Also, the feedback button was good to be there but felt a bit like the answers were prompted by the questions.

Other than that a decent start if not inspiring. I think the only thing that will keep me interested is the FOMO on any new additions so probably got me hooked for a while :rofl:


Amazing job here @clloyd and thank you for your active participation in a community forum, as a senior software engineer myself I know how much there is to do in a day already before responding to all of these questions!

Some initial feedback:

  • I’ve just tried it on my phone (so far) and it looks really good on a small screen. Looking forward to trying it out of my Mac tomorrow
  • the login experience is great! Password-less login is a hard problem to solve, so please congratulate your team on this implementation.
  • I use the Noir iPhone browser extension to make the pages dark, and it looks really good with this enabled (which isn’t always the case!)
  • I noticed some selection ‘dots’ on each button that obscures the button text. It may be limited to the small size of my phone but would be good to see if is some other way to indicate the current selection, if that is what it is. I can attach a screen shot if required.
  • Well done on the promise of quick iteration with CI/CD. I will be checking in daily to see the progress! I think a changelog of major changes will be useful but not really necessary as I am sure most of the major changes will be easily discoverable
  • I like that the initial experience looks ‘similar’ to an app. But as the web is meant to be a desktop app as opposed to a phone app I would expect a more detailed view. However as I haven’t seen how this works or looks on desktop I am sure I will have further comments after I have tried it
  • trading via the web would be good but I would be concerned about security so I would be happy if some 2FA type security would be implemented before that is enabled.

In summary: nice job so far and keep up the amazing work!


One other thing I just thought of: the manual refresh is fine but it would be good if the page rendered quicker. There is quite a lag (showing a mostly blank screen) while it renders all of the info. But as this is a Beta I am ok to forgive this.

Ship fast, break stuff, then fix it quickly!

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Will keep some people subbed to plus for a while :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I know it isn’t a popular theory but I think web version only for plus is a sensible long term strategy as subscription is the golden ticket for a sustainable company with such cheap fees.


A feature I would love to see is a single page that displays all of your accounts at the same time. This can be a summary instead of a detailed view. In addition some ‘insight’ data across your whole position would be amazing!


This is amazing :sunglasses: great steps forward :rocket:

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Isn’t it by percentage? it looks right to me when I’m showing percentages. Although maybe it should change the order if you switch to £ ?

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That is my point, on % it is accurate but when you do £ it is distorted. It sorts up and down when clicked but not into any order. :+1:

Maybe I am being stupid and doing something wrong but I would of thought it should let you filter both min-max and vice versa in both % and £.

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Maybe there should be free basic version for everyone and a enhanced version with more to offer for the plus members


Good shout… makes total sense

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