💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

Would be great to be able to share a link to your portfolio with an option to hide absolute values of postions.

Would definitely help investing bloggers and people sharing their portfolio with friends who don’t have the app installed.

The web app renders well on a mobile web view already. Nice

And definitely a dark mode.



Thanks for this.

  1. I think we need a Password with 2FA as generating an email every time to login is painful.
  2. Details of all transactions in a particular stock are missing. Can you also provide dividend income details within a stock?
  3. After clicking and getting into a stock, there should be a back button to go back to the list of stocks in that investment account.
  4. There is no cross-hair in the graph to find out the prices at various times. It is there in the App. The x-axis is not defined properly.
  5. %/£ functionality is great. Also, the sorting on various fields is exactly what I wanted.

So… I’ve received 3 good news today. The Freetrade web version being one of them. Feels like the placement of the first rock of the foundation

A small step for Freetrade…

And speaking of Freetrade web, did I ever mentioned I’m a sucker for a stock screener I can customise myself according to my preferred criteria… current ratio, roi, roe, 52 week low, pe, roce, yadayada

Thank you Freetrade team :+1::muscle::sparkling_heart::santa:


What were the other two?


An important exam postponed for a week and a promotion at work


Congratulations @Raul climb that ladder and make that paper!


Great news and I’ve had a look and love the sorting features.

Based on the previous replies, it’s made me realise that how much more advanced on tech matters you youngsters are. Coding, iterations, CI/CD, initial bootstrap, pushing code fast and often, API, SPA etc., all words and phrases I’ll be googling today to see if I can ‘get more down with the kids’!!

Just for info., the first ‘computer’ (if you would call it that now) I had any sort of experience with was the first one installed at my school when I was in the last year. I never got beyond typing in C:/ (but that was probably because the teacher was a student and she was only a couple of years older than us boys, and was quite a distraction!)

Onwards and upwards and congratulations to all!! :+1: :clap: :clap:


Great to see the team engaging with the users.


Thank you for all the comments, I hope I’ve managed to get to them all below!

@Rob14 Thanks for the feedback, and so glad it’s useful. The dashboard you described does sound like a really useful feature, when it comes to comparisons between investment options, I totally agree and that’s definitely something we’re thinking about for the web.

@markrc @RKerry @Marky :heart_eyes: We’ll keep iterating!

@Big-g That sorting definitely doesn’t look correct, if it’s ok I’ll open a bug our side and DM you for a few details to help us track it down. Regarding performance, definitely something we’re looking at. I’ll pass on the feedback about the feedback form :smile:

@sishbi Thanks for all this feedback! regarding Noir, I’ll check it out. I’ll open an issue our side around the dots issue you mentioned. Regarding additional security before trading, I totally agree, and I’d definitely consider it to be a prerequisite of any trading implementation. Regarding manual refresh/performance on load, we totally agree so expect to see improvements here, and I’ve noted your suggestion for a cross account view

@szb Love that suggestion! Thanks for the feedback!

@vsn Great actionable feedback! Regarding cross hairs on the graph, not giving too much away but this is something we’re working on very soon.

@Raul :heart_eyes: Thanks for the kind words, and great suggestion on screener type functionality. (Also congrats on the promotion!)

@TheRaven Sounds like we should put together some tech blogs diving into more detail on these subjects in the context of freetrade :smile:

@heytokyo :wave:


I can’t describe the joy I’m feeling upon seeing my Freetrade investments on the big screen! :star_struck:

While I intend to use the app on a regular/daily basis, for portfolio planning/analysis, I’ll be using the web version.

Great work so far and can’t wait to see more, loving being able to sort by value, how about option to sort investments alphabetically too?

Really appreciate the team engaging with users on here - thank you!


You can sort by any column (Including the name alphabetically!) Just click the column header. I’ll note that it might not be discoverable enough!


You just made my day, thanks! :smiley:

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Just to say the level of engagement with feedback has more than offset my initial disappointment with the app.

To try and make my initial feedback more actionable I guess I’d just say the portfolio list screen doesn’t make good use of the horizontal real estate. There are 3 nested fields (ticker, share count, return) + 2 more fields hidden behind the absolute/relative gain toggle - many (not necessarily all) of these could be listed as extra columns and we’d then gain the benefit of more sorting options.

Also there’s plenty of space for action icons (Costs and Charges, KIID, Buy/Sell, Community forum link - I know the later 2 aren’t implemented yet) on the list itself, these are currently sit behind a click on the instrument details page but it might be nice for some to be available from the list itself.

I assume Freetrade are making a conscious effort to keep a clean/simple interface that remains on brand and differentiated from a typical broker’s web interface, but I still think there’s a lot of room to make better use of the space before it starts feeling cluttered.


@clloyd Thanks for the responses. On the desktop I use ‘Dark Reader’ and for some reason some of the text doesn’t render quite right using its ‘Dynamic’ mode (it works fine in ‘Filter’ mode). But a ‘native’ dark-mode would make my day! I like all of my apps and websites to be dark, so anything you can do natively would mean I don’t need to apply the extension on your website!

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I think there’s a bug - every price is showing as green today :astonished:


Do you want me to help test that? Name a stock, I’ll buy it. If it stays green then we know it’s a bug.


Please, add reverse CashCow ETF to the platform


This should be shipped as a sharable stories product on Instagram even Snapchat.

Share a stock: deeplink to the stock
Share portfolio: Deeplink to app or download

Can be done via SDKs

Success story here Hevy Success Story | Facebook for Developers


Great feedback, we do have some plans to make use of all that horizontal real estate, and these are great suggestions! Features like this are square in the discovery area we’re looking at next


Ooo, very interesting! :smiley: