💻 Beta Testing for Freetrade Web

I love that there are at least some basic sorting options for the portfolio in the web version, that’s a huge improvement and would be great to see that in the app too.

I’d like the first priority for updates to be making more user data available - add number of shares and average price paid to the main investment tables, plus a separate table of transactions data. My second priority would be a data export/csv download feature. I think that would be much more valuable than live prices or trading functionality as that already works great in the app.

The biggest disadvantage with the app is that there are limited options for sorting, filtering and charting data. If all our holdings and transaction data was available in the web tables at least we could copy and paste it to another program like Excel, even without an official export feature.


my Portfolio page isnot working on my App nor on the website. This is happening on the day the market is crashing thus I am incurring losses. Who is responsible for my losses here?

Idk this just sounds wrong to me. Being able to access your portfolio from the web shouldn’t be behind a paywall.

Maybe offer different features for Plus members, more detailed charts and graphs, more functionality. But paying to access your portfolio online would make me seriously reconsider my position towards the company.

It will just be a massive slap in the face, given how Freetrade has started and what their supposed mission is. I kind of got on board having some stocks behind a paywall, but having to pay to access your portfolio from a web browser would be a straight up big no from me.


Think people need to relax with the speculating. I haven’t saw anywhere where Freetrade have said this will be for plus members only?


I’m not sure why you have replied to my message as I think it should be aimed at the web development team. Hopefully someone from that side will pick it up but to help you along I’m tagging @clloyd who was the original poster and who I’m assuming is managing this feature or at least will be able to put you in touch with those who are.

I think as a beta product you cannot rely on the web interface and most brokers have T&C’s about service levels and being able to carry out trades. Also AFAIK, the web interface doesn’t allow trading at the moment.
Hope your issues are sorted soon.


Hi @clloyd @matt-freetrade how long is beta testing expected to last because once basic feature is out to it can be improved as you go along ?

Agreed. I’m a plus member and I don’t think it should be a plus only thing.

Much like others I think FT needs to offer more detailed stock analysis as part of the plus offering. Something that a plus member would be legitimately more interested in paying for.

I’m not suggesting the website isn’t something a plus member wouldn’t want. Of course most of us do, but is it the right thing to paywall off?


Hey everyone! :grinning:

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the Freetrade Web experience so far since launch.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us, and while a lot of work has been going on ‘under the hood’, there have still been some functional changes that we’ve added -

  • The chart now has rollovers so you can hover over it and see the price at a given point in time
  • When viewing an instrument page your investment gain/loss is colour coded in green or red
  • Improvements around the 1 day instrument chart so it shows the correct price at open and the percentage change since the previous close price

Please do keep all the great feedback coming in as it helps us steer the product and make decisions on the future roadmap!


I doubt it will be paywalled behind plus when it properly goes live, but it doesn’t make sense to have a million beta testers


Hi - How can we sign up to get access to the beta platform?


Currently you need to be a Plus subscriber to gain access to the web platform. You can find more information here - Freetrade Plus

Hope this helps!

The colour recently added for the loss/gain looks good (albeit mine is red for this example :grin:), what would be so helpful would be to add the following…

Red box below - would be so nice to get a rough value in fx currency (with the cavet that this is a rough guide due to currency fluctuations) - would save constantly having to take the GBP price and converting to see the average fx price:


Just taken a look at this, and it’s looking good as an MVP. Did a changelog sort of thing ever get rolled up for this, so we can follow it more easily?


So happy to see beta testing has rolled out, I just signed upto plus to add some stop losses so I’ll be sure to check the website out! Just off the top of my head I was wondering if the following could be added:

-Visual lines for stop losses, or limit orders (I’m a visual person so I love the graphs)

-a news function for each individual company. For instance something like webull has a tab where all articles and news about a company show up in a window, it’s almost like a little text book which googles the ticker symbol and brings up the latest news.

-more advanced graphs, and info (of course), seeing things like options data to know what people are doing as this can influence decisions

All in all it sounds great and I’m looking forward to trying it!


Please could the sorting algorithm be checked? Its 20.00 uk time, markets closed so figures should be static but something seems awry.

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Yeah to confirm as Mat said above that 1 day sorting doesn’t reflect the values (the share price increase) it just sorts by the percentage increase for both £ and % displays.

Additionally it might be useful (and if possible with the UI space available) to add the share price on that initial portfolio screen, those 1 day increase/decrease values and percentages are applicable to the share price and that page doesn’t display the share price currently.

Are you maintaining a public-facing changelog for testers?

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Finally getting around to giving this a go.

Overall it’s a good start and I like the small improvements you’ve already pushed through :+1:

Some thoughts:

  • Using a 14inch laptop there is a lot of white space, too much in my opinion
  • One idea could be to include the insights tab breakdowns on the GIA and ISA pages
  • In your list of investments, you should be able to select the timeframe to order by. Currently it’s only “1 Day”
  • It would be great to be able to see your remaining ISA allowance on the ISA page. This will also encourage people to top up.

Has this been shelved. No change after a month


No change on the UI, but there are apparent changes underneath.
I had a nosey around in the scripts which get downloaded with the website last week, spotted some changes from when I had a nosey around the first time as at launch.