Beyond Meat - BYND

(Viktor) #1

(Adam) #2

I’m going to try it out :hamburger:

(Chris) #3

I see there’s a place down the road from work. I guess I should try one, if it’s good then it’s getting my vote.

(Big Boss) #4

I’ve had it a few times. It’s honestly amazing. Totally blew my mind that the entire meal is vegan.

(Viktor) #5

All the reviews I heard so far were raving. I think I know where Adam and I will have lunch next week. :hamburger:


You should get some in for the launch party next week!

(Emma) #7

You seen the price? They’d need to do more crowdfunding for that

(Dave Smith) #8

Ha, it says available everywhere so I type Lancaster in the search box and it found places in Bristol and Cambridge :smiley:

(Liam) #9

Available everywhere! My local is only 383 miles away.



What was it like, Adam?

(Viktor) #12

I tried it recently: