thats fine - but why don’t I use my Trading212 account and move my ISA there? At least they have BAE, Rolls Royce etc. I’m still incredibly frustrated by Freetrade and its random stock allocations as to what you can and cannot buy

Why? They are quite clear on what universe if free and what isn’t.

The Freetrade stock universe

Freetrade logo


FTSE 350 (Large + Mid Cap)

MSCI US Prime Market (Large + Mid Cap)

All Vanguard + iShares + Invesco ETFs

AIM 100


Freetrade Plus

PLUS £9.99/month

Everything in the free plan, and:

+ FTSE Small Cap (FTSE All-Share minus FTSE 350)

+ FT SE AIM All-Share ex AIM 100

+ S&P SmallCap 600

Most traded shares


Hey @bolide there is no reason why, you’re free as all customer are to pick what you feel is the platform for you to use.

T212, Bulgarian / Vanuatu incorporated platform that doesn’t keep your investments separate from their own fund so in the event of a failure they aren’t protected, are just one option.

As myself and @Big-g have highlighted, there universe hasn’t changed since FT+ was launched and isn’t ‘random’


Former up 5% for the year the latter down 51% over 5 years? Sound like you’ve probably made money by not being able to buy them.

In seriousness National declaration will be coming online once the EU markets are underway.


And time has told… As one of the army of newbies does any one know will the ex- div date and yield change now?


This thread is not linked in with BHP on the FT ios application.

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Hi. Thanks for letting us know, this has been rectified.


thank-you very much

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:heart_eyes: free shares
A shame I don’t own many BHP :see_no_evil:


Yeah. Would have been nice if we received this notification before the time. Bit pointless to let us know of this after the fact.

Noice. Notifications are just as quick to appear as dividend payments… :saluting_face:

The merger was fairly well cover in the financial press when it was announced.


Agreed, it is not FreeTrade’s job to research the stocks for people. ‘Do your own research’ and all that - this has been on the cards for a while. People who hold BHP should have known this.


Obviously too late for this case, but very worthwhile creating an account on LSE -

You can create email alerts for RNS’s issued for UK companies you have shares in or plan to
You’ll find it under email alerts, after selecting new alert you’ll get the below, select individual companies and search for the company you wish to follow and configure from there.


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I got an inapp message (Phoebe) stating I had a fiver because of fractional shares from the BHP split.

However no payment was received.

Due to be paid by BHP on the 20th June -


more yummy dividends :heart_eyes:

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On Tuesday 16 August 2022 the BHP Board determined to pay a final dividend of US$1.75 per share (US$8.9 billion). The final dividend will
be fully franked for Australian taxation purposes.

How jolly tasty! Get in before September 1st for around 6.20%

I’m considering investing in BHP but was just wondering how much withholding tax (percentage wise) is deducted from each dividend. Is it the same as American stocks at 15%? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

None. All divis are fully franked. What the divi pay rate is is what u get.