Biffa plc BIFF

This is a waste management services firm. Biffa has sustainability at the core of their values, offering services like waste disposal, treatment and collection to the industrial and commercial sectors, serving clients throughout the UK.

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Been looking into Biffa for a while and all the fundamentals seem good, so brought around £25 worth, they are very undervalued, so hoping to make a small profit.

I’ve not looked into them in great detail, i do wonder if they are one of the ‘rubbish needs picked up rain or shine’ kind of companies. They’re also surprisingly everywhere.

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Yes, my thoughts too. They have the infrastructure, they even do contracts for some local councils. Surely it would be cheaper for councils to use Biffa than their own refuse collection?

I can see things going far for Biffa.

It depends on various factors eg size of the council’s population, what type of waste management facilities the council wants, whether there is any existing waste management facilities etc.

A lot of local council waste contracts are done through PFI which helped build capital intensive waste facilities and avoided public borrowing, but they come at a cost to the council tax payer and sometimes to the contracted company (in that the complexities and restrictions of the contracts can be very difficult/expensive to alter to take advantage of changes in the waste and recyclates market).

Typically waste management companies (assuming they have some long term public contracts) are reasonably stable long term investments.

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I bought a handful of Biffa shares years ago with the intention of buying more but the company got bought out soon after. I got my money but was disappointed that my plans had been scuppered.
Now considering getting Biffa shares again. Perhaps not an exciting company but a steady provider of essential waste services for the long haul.