It is quite amazing that the usability is still not up to today’s expectations… it’s still complicated and risky…

It is good to see that exchanges such as Coinbase have huge amounts of security in place due to the risks though…

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Bitcoin would need to rise to US$146,000 to equal total private-sector investment in gold via exchange-traded funds or bars and coins, said the bank

That’ll be fine by me.

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Im just running a test for a month at the moment and it should work out around £150-£200 profit pm with what I have.

I agree though that as the hash rate increases I’m unlikely to try and keep up with it past the next year or two as I won’t be forking out on new graphics card.

Also does seem a crazy waste of energy in a time when everyone’s going green, how sustainable is this model

With MasterCard and Square and many payment providers and companies moving towards accepting payments in Bitcoin, would a nice percentage of this be partly to do with the amount of ‘dodgy’ cash floating around with no place to go?

Is, ‘not so traceable’ money being taken into account as these companies move towards accepting bitcoin?

Obviously a bank is concerned with the continued rise of decentralised finance…


Bitcoin and almost all of the other coins are extremely traceable. All the transactions are publicly available on the blockchain. It’s extremely easy to ‘follow the money’.
What is really difficult is to steal the money.
What is almost impossible is to double spend the money or reverse a transaction.

What is impossible is to double spend the money or reverse a transaction.

To clarify: this is not impossible, but rather, impractical.

In order to reverse a transaction or double spend, more than half of the network would need to agree. So technically, if a bad actor were to scoop up more than half of the network resources, this would be possible. But given this would require a massive fiscal investment and computing resources which outmatch those already mining the token, it would simply not be worth it.

It might be more feasible for tokens with smaller market caps, but again, almost entirely pointless.

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If you realise that gain with a couple of kids laptops, I’d be amazed! Please do share progress and good luck :crossed_fingers:

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I f-ing love uncle Mark Cuban

he doesnt just talk the talk, he uses the tech, sees if its practical, tests it, then explains it like I’m six.

Eth2.0 rollout is gonna take about 2 years from Decembr 2020, be patient

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Nice to see the Tether investigation is over! A small slap on the wrists and a fine…rather uneventful really!

Tether still claiming it’s fully backed.

“”‘Contrary to online speculation, there was no finding that Tether ever issued tethers [USDT] without backing, or to manipulate crypto prices,’ said Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor.""

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and if you use old money all of the above iss easy with orwithout derivatives-- financial “innovation”.

ask the accountants

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