Blackbird - BIRD

This company sells video editing and publishing software that can be accessed on a browser.

Blackbird is shaping up to be the video editing standard of the future.

  1. Cloud-based software that allows real-time editing to be done from any location, as opposed to traditional studios. This was obviously of benefit during the ongoing pandemic, but it seems likely that cloud technology will become the norm as time goes on; the flexibility of any editor being able to work immediately regardless of their location is also an obvious benefit.

  2. In the last year alone, a significant number of household names have announced utilisation of Blackbird:

  • Riot Games (League of Legends dev)
  • BT
  • Sky News
  • NHL (National Hockey League)
  • Liverpool FC
  • Arsenal

This is in addition to a lot of other international news/TV/streaming companies, including TownNews which now has 69 US news stations across 35 US states using Blackbird.

  1. No debt, cash of Ā£5 mil, revenue increasing by 45% YoY (Dec ā€˜19 vs Dec ā€˜20).

Just thought Iā€™d get discussion started on this, but the fundamentals on this one are very good. Strange that there is little to no interest in Blackbird on FreeTrade.

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