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Uk AIM request: Blencowe Resources BRES

Bumping this up as there’s quite a lot of positive sentiment and news coming out or expected with BRES.

Totally - Been after this for weeks. Certainly seen a uptick in interest and activity here.

@Hope_n_Glory @johngt Blencowe Resources is now live on your app! :freetrade:


Thanks @Alex_B !

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Thanks - I’m sure the interest will pick up quickly in this one


Been looking at this for a week now looks promising

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Gold deposits have been found in the north of uganda. It would be nice is blencowe could strike onto some.

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Blencowe are focussed on the humungous graphite resource they have.
Their priority should be to get a pilot plant set up to start generating revenue and then take this to full production.
Wouldn’t want them to be distracted by any other finds!

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Information found with this company is just makes one a little excited, would like an auto-investment.