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I don’t mean just boeing, I don’t think we have seen the bottom for most yet. Sure the virus has been bad for markets but I think the fallout will be worse. If trump carries on the way he is the a lot of people are going to get sick and probably end up under mountains of debt because of it, people are already loosing jobs en masse.
I just see more bad news than good at the moment.


The crisis is just beginning. Countries around the world are not testing enough, the figures that we’re seeing are under reported. Hence why you have countries such as Italy and Spain being swamped with infected people, it will happen slowly all around Europe. Not including US here as that will be far worse due to their internal politics and government vs state law, regardless of the recent trillion $ injection.

After the virus passes, you are left with record level unemployment, layoffs and salary cuts. My company already started asking employees to take furlough, 4 out of 5 day working, or 9 day out of 10 working days.

In my opinion, stonks will fall even further soon. As soon as people turn the rock they won’t be able to put it back.

Just saw this on Twitter-

Well done to those that bought on the $90 level.

Any opinions about this stock? What does the future hold?

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Norweigan cancelled 97 Boeing planes and have filled a legal claim seeking pre delivery payments / compensation for the grounding of 737 Max and engine issues on the 787.

I think it might go back down to $90 level. Lets see if the 737 passes re-certification.


Hmmmmmm, hardly believe Boeing will ever retest this level or anything lower again. Pre-market trading the stock is only down 2.80% on the news. There is still no better and faster way of transportation, holding BA longggggggggggggggg.

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A Boeing 737 has just gone missing… :grimacing:

So sad to hear. May they rest in peace.

Completely different plane though…
No doubt Boeing will be dragged through the mud anyway


That was a ~27 year old plane. which makes it more likely a maintenance issue than a problem with the Planes design

Are Boeing getting ready for their comeback?

I’ve seen price targets all the way up to $306 so the analysts seem to think so. Although , that usually doesn’t mean to much. The hardest part to navigate seems to be the finger pointing as soon as a plane sadly goes down. Ever since the 737 max (off the top of my head) horror show, any Boeing that gets grounded becomes their problem before any investigation has taken place.
I’m confident this will continue to grow. It may just take time

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Boeing’s Starliner