Boeing 🛫 - BA

The CEO just got fired.

2019 has been disastrous. Is this an opportunity to get in?


I would wait for it to drop further Boeing will most likely have to cut its dividend as the current payout is not sustainable. It they do cut it will lead to a lot of people selling the stock

Quite frankly I’m surprised the share price has held up so well. Just goes to show what a solid business this is with a seriously large moat.


The stock price hasn’t budged much.

IMO he handled the 737 Max saga very disgracefully. Every interview he did he was basically just trying to shift the blame away. And look where they are right now: the planes have been grounded for months without any updates, it’s a good thing he is gone.


It’s mental that even with these issues with the 737 max the stock keeps rising.

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imo this stock will be hurt for most of 2020


A Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737-800 has crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran’s international airport, killing all 176 passengers and crew onboard.


Very tricky for Boeing. Dubious reporting that it had a ‘technical failure’, with eyewitnesses saying it was on fire - while others hold the conspiracy that it was shot down.

Not reallt tricky for them. The old 737 is the best-selling plane in the history of aviation, so the conditional probablity of one of these going down is quite high. It was an old plane, so maintenance is fully an airline issue. Nothing in there that could hurt Boeing.

It was a relatively new plane, built in 2016.

Interesting, but not really new. There have been more than 10000 of those flying for decades and maintenance is on the airline.

That’s a total of 3 planes now, i think Boeing will drop this year, also there 737 production stopped causing employees to be “forced” to work in other projects. just crazy…

To the best of my knowledge Ukrainian Airlines safety record is pretty good, also by airline industry standards 2016 is new. There are much older planes 25 years+ flying in the fleets of the likes of BA etc.

Awful news. I wonder if we’ll truly find out what happened here given there might not be much in the way of open cooperation. This is certainly not bullish news for Boeing, it’s not clear (to me) at this stage how bad this will be.

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Horrible, but no fault of Boeing:

Clock’s ticking…


“We require your attention and improved focus on the KC-46” tanker, General David Goldfein, the Air Force chief of staff, warned in a letter four days before Dave Calhoun took over as chief executive officer of the company. “The Air Force continues to accept deliveries of a tanker incapable of performing its primary operational mission.”

Calhoun has been entrusted with turning around a company that is reeling from a pair of crashes of the Max that killed 346 people and resulted in the grounding of its best selling jet, sent its stock into a swoon and raised questions about its commitment to safety.

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What a wholesome tweet exchange from Airbus and Boeing.