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Mindless consumers are mindless consumers. How many people forgot about Matlan refusing to donate to the relief fund for the 2013 Dhaka garment factory collapse when 1,134 workers died and ~2500 were injured, presumably many with life changing injuries? I think in the end they donated a truly paltry sum after dragging their heels .

Superhans says it best - “You can’t trust people. People like Coldplay and voted for the Nazis”. I think Boohoo will rise again and, if the fools who run Primark continue to avoid online sales, then Boohoo might flourish when the next covid lockdown happens… and that’s a shame because the directors of the company will get away with what they’ve done and make a tidy profit too, such is modern day Britain.


I think a lot of the supply chain issues are unfairly blamed on Boohoo. How can Boohoo know each and every thing their suppliers get up to. I don’t think any of this tarnishes their reputation with customers (they do not care) but it does with their investors.

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Nailed it on the head there!

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Strong buy here at current price. Target price £4.34 :grinning:

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where do you get the target price from ? or is that what you personally are hoping for ?

Just DM’d you :grinning:

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I think I might make an entry into this stock today.

I personally prefer ASOS but think Boohoo has lots of growth runway.

Forward earnings projections also make the P/E look a lot better.

Any contrary views?

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Speaking in light of the appointment, equity analysts at Jefferies said that while PKF is not one of the Big 4 auditors, it is still one of the top ten in the UK.

“We recognise that there may be some disappointment from investors that Boohoo’s new auditor is not one of the ‘Big 4’.

“However, PwC has just left the role, and a number of other larger players are engaged to provide non-audit services. Meanwhile, PKF Littlejohn is the seventh-largest UK accountancy practice by number of stock market clients and eighth-largest by total market cap of stock market clients,” Jefferies noted.

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Can it resist the latest attack by the Guardian’s investigative reporting?

Never hurt Primark’s sales. Most people don’t care as long as they get cheap clothes.

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Boohoo sell worldwide mainly to females in the 16-24 age bracket who just want cheap clothes delivered to their door and are not to bothered by the goings on in the factories of Leicester or elsewhere. Some Investors get spooked but not enough to really damage the company, they make to much profit. Every Guardian article is another buying opportunity.


Strong trading update today, Set for strong global growth whilst maintaining 10% margins
Raised guidance on revenue growth which should mean we’ll see a rally up until results in April where people will take profits
Dipped a bit today probably as they released a report indicating there is a lot of work to do with fixing the supply chain issues


Yes thats my plan i think probably get out over £4 if it gets there.

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good time to buy in as it’s taking over Debenhams?

That news has been priced in now.
There is still upside in my opinion based on growth but the Supply Chain issues are a risk you need to weigh up before entering

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I wonder why they want the website even and not just the stock.

Also a thought on supply chains - the news on cobalt mine child labour has had little effect on tesla/apple/google share price but yet supply chain issues massively affect boohoo’s share price.

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I believe growth over the next few years will outweigh supply chain issues.

As high street retailers fall boohoo will boom more every time.

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