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Well one store ain’t going to do much to there share price at the moment. If they choice to open stores for debenhams again they will be taken on the added risk that comes with it. I still have this on my watch list at the moment I want to see signs of recovery before investing.

Average analyst price target has decreased from 4.46 and its now down to £3.73 so looks like analysts are downgrading the share price forecasts. So if all 18 analysts do it. The average forecast could be much lower. Which could hit the stock even more.

I believe opening one store to test the waters will be much more beneficial than a complete nationwide roll out… and thus lowering the risk. I think an online company going to bricks & mortar is a very risky move … But they have zoomed in on one of the most profitable areas of Debenhams and will hopefully take it to the next level.

I doubt anything is going to change the share price into a positive direction in the short term, I reckon Q3 2022 will be when it’s starts to move forward.