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That does worry me. The loved it 300-400p, why not 55p.

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Ridiculous. I’m most likely going to half my position soon. Management is spending money recklessly. I don’t love it at 55p because when it was over 300p it was profitable. Now the company is running on debt. Wait till the trading update if you don’t believe me. I am adamant this stock will drop below 50p.

And just like that, I was right when I told everyone to hold off till 50p. Now just wait till the trading update comes out :slight_smile:

What is a fair price and do you see it rising?

Currently? Around 50p is okay but I’d need to see the trading update first. I think they can turnaround if they keep on taking on debt, but I don’t see this stock hitting £1 anytime soon.


No new news. Interim results over a month away on 28th September 2022. Yet it’s taking a beating daily.

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Considering cutting my losses. Will see what happens with their next update.

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Looking cheap to me. IPO was 50p

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Sub 40p now. Both ASOS and Boo are down around 38% in the last month. Doesn’t look specific to Boo right now. But whoa seeing that drop is painful. Here’s to living in hope for the Interim Results on 28th September 2022 being better than expected. Oh and maybe Liz becomes PM next week and brings on a VAT cut and some form of energy price cap for businesses.

Bet you’re loving it at 40p

I would be if i had any money to throw at it freight costs seem to be coming back down

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It’ll go back up in winter my friend. I feel your copium. Stay strong.

Look at Klarna losses, this is an indicator

Boohoo is living up to it’s name
Cause it’s making me cry :cry:


It’s being shorted quite a bit as I mentioned previously, its short selling score is now 8.6% of its shares being shorted. Likely to mean the short sellers still expect it to go down further.

Sold 2 years ago at £3.14, never bought back in and I never expected it to go this low. Wonder if it’s worth a punt…

Did i read write recently tbat one of the kardashians is going to be the face of boohoo

It’s not.

Cost of living is going to hammer the priority of buying clothes, along with higher costs for delivery.

Unless they somehow find a way of forcing people to initially buy and then not return anything, they’ll just have to weather the lean lean winter


Very hard to do considering they blew all their cash already. I might just sell and put the money into googl but it stings to be down 67%…

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