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This stock will take years to get back to my original entry price of £1.80, thank god my average is £1.23

35p is a good price to get avg down more. My avg is about 90p now i think

The revolution beauty moves a few months ago is still baffling. What are the Kamanis up to?

I’m going to have a dabble at this price I think. Question is: what do the hedge fund mangers know that I don’t know? Everything, I guess. But maybe worth a few quid….

Just remember the direction of Peacocks, New Look, Forever 21, Topshop… the list is long.

Surely there’s a solid brand out there right now trading at a good value. Something higher end.

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SHEIN to Boohoo is Binance to FTX

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Worst stock decision I ever made investing into this crap. Lol.

Basically a penny stock now. It will never hit any value again.

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It will be a penny stock at least for the next several years imo. Worst investment I made yet. I’ve learnt a lot since. Now allocating my cash elsewhere (mainly GOOGL).


What’s the chances this company will do a 10 to 1 stock split or what ever it is called :thinking:

Incredibly low I’d imagine

No reason for them to do it in my opinion. I think best for BOO to stay quiet and pray government bring down inflation in 2023 or else the level of debt they will be picking up may harm their business model permanently. How well BOO will do will depend on whether or not government is able to bring inflation to around 4% by end of this year. I’m not sure I have the confidence in the government to make such necessary choices to reach for such measures.

I’m £1.16 average and worry if I’ll ever see it rise to this level again. This one is to be held for a while…

Thursdays update should be interesting

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Positive factors

  • Cotton price
  • Strengthening (though still weak) pound
  • Freight costs
  • Improving macro environment
  • Charging for returns (Zara also do this) - hopefully resulting in less returns
  • Shorts reducing massively

Negative factors

  • Further purchases of REVB shares
  • No insider buying


  • Demand
  • Further capital allocation, e.g. warehouses
  • How much debt have they accrued

Expecting a lot of debt

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Any idea whether trading update is before open or after?

Worth buying more today as the price tumbles ?

difficult to find any positive in the stock at the moment in my opinion

Already knew this. Long way ahead before we even think of £1 boo.

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