Boohoo 👻 👕 - BOO - Stock Discussion

It’s on my watch list I expect it to dip below £2.00 soon.I have owned this stock before and twice sold for a profit.

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Boohoo finally lauching the new debenhams website.

If it drops much more I’m going all in :laughing:


Now price of cotton is at a ten year high.It may come down to my buy in price :rofl:

You sell. I buy


I’m overexposed to UK stocks at the moment (by choice, despite the current outlook for the UK as a whole I’m happy with what I have, I just don’t want to buy more UK stocks until rebalancing). If it’s at or below current levels when I’ve rebalanced over the next couple of months then I’d give it a serious look.

At a glance though, the price a month ago was pretty much exactly the same as September 2019, the outlook for the economy is more pessimistic than then, and while revenue has increased the pressures on both cost and growth are intensifying. At £1.90 a share it’s definitely one worth looking very closely at, but despite the volatility since the pandemic hit, I wouldn’t leap to the automatic conclusion that it’s a gold mine.

I started to buy shares too, they look really cheap! They were close to £4 not too long ago.

There is definitely a buying opportunity with £BOO but don’t look back and say it was £XX just YY ago so it’ll rebound.

It did very well of the COVID lock down and that’s going to slow growth now it’s over and people can shop elsewhere.

They have been forced to reform a lot of their manufacturing business as they were basically running UK sweat shops. This will hit their bottom line.

I love that they have been acquiring more brands which are all in different markets to the traditional BooHoo customer. Coast, Oasis & Debenhams are all higher market brands which increases their TAM.

I’ll buy but I’m happy to miss the very bottom because I don’t know how far this could keep falling.


Boohoo opening a debenhams beauty store in Manchester.

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Started a small position at £1.78. I can’t see it going too much lower.

With party season around the corner and hopefully a full festival season next year, this should do ok. :crossed_fingers:

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I think the Debenhams beauty store is a really good move… But they really need it to be open now to capture the Xmas gifting market.

Well one store ain’t going to do much to there share price at the moment. If they choice to open stores for debenhams again they will be taken on the added risk that comes with it. I still have this on my watch list at the moment I want to see signs of recovery before investing.

Average analyst price target has decreased from 4.46 and its now down to £3.73 so looks like analysts are downgrading the share price forecasts. So if all 18 analysts do it. The average forecast could be much lower. Which could hit the stock even more.

I believe opening one store to test the waters will be much more beneficial than a complete nationwide roll out… and thus lowering the risk. I think an online company going to bricks & mortar is a very risky move … But they have zoomed in on one of the most profitable areas of Debenhams and will hopefully take it to the next level.

I doubt anything is going to change the share price into a positive direction in the short term, I reckon Q3 2022 will be when it’s starts to move forward.

Here we go

Making small gains. Is this the beginning?

Struggles will continue due to shipping costs and other inflation. That’s not going to calm down until probably the 2nd half of 2022 earliest so I don’t foresee a significant recovery for a while


Analysts starting to upgrade boohoo.

They could be close to a settlement for the lawsuit too


Boohoo giving their employees the opportunity to buy shares into the company at £154.48. They are exercisable between December 1st 2024 and May 31st 2025.