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My initial reaction was they over paid. I can’t back that up with data as there’s not much information out there.

Would be interested in hearing why you think it’s cheap though.

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Its a fair price. The fraser group has a lot of payments to make. I’m so glad boohoo did not acquire them, they need to be careful and minimise the amount of debt they take on over the next few years. Otherwise I’m out of this investment.

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£20m is a big advertising campaign. With the number of suiters i think it represents a good deal, it will also doesn’t really cannibalise any of their current markets.

Equally I only have a gut reaction to the deal. Strip out the duplicated overheads and apply some economies of scale it could be pay itself back fairly quickly

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Trading update is due on 16th June.


Should be interesting with Jubilee and holiday-goers providing some tailwinds. I’m letting my Boohoo shares ride either way.

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Same here. Riding out. Haven’t added to BOO since April. As I mentioned. I’m not buying anymore until it drops to below 50p. I think £1.25 is a good long term average.

Eligible employees were invited to subscribe for options over Ordinary Shares with an exercise price of 216.92 pence, a 20% discount to the closing middle market price of the Ordinary Shares on 4 October 2019, the day before the invitation to participate was made. The options have a contract start date of 1 December 2019 and are exercisable between 1 December 2022 and 31 May 2023.

They better be getting good news soon in their trading updates or its a big F for their employees

I have recently completed a DCF model for Boohoo.

The base case scenario shows an intrinsic value per share of 97p.
This is with projected growth of 3%, 15%, 13%, 3% & 11% - slightly below the average & median analysts’ projections.

You can see the full details in the post below, including a review of the financial statements, bear and bull case scenario and IRR calculations:

I would be interested to hear your thoughts and if anyone else has recently completed a DCF model for Boohoo.

NOTE: Not investment advice - Sharing personal analysis based on personal assumptions.


I’m sure I’ll be able to snag BOO at 50p :slight_smile: been saying it since 4th of May

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I’ve started to average down already. I like the risk reward <70p

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50p in sight @Hpoyo

Indeed :wink:

Trading update


I think this is the first time their sales have contracted in the UK.

At least there’s no further changes in guidance.

And shipping costs are showing signs of easing.

Oops, under 60p now.

Could reach 50p soon i may buy back in if it dips below 50p just watching for now.


Lack of buys from Boohoo insiders is getting worrying. See, a few years ago, Boohoo was sliding, and then one of the founders brought millions of shares which screamed we believe in this, now it’s nothing. Not even a token amount. Back then, the children of that founder were also quite bullish online, now nothing. Make of that what you will.

Boohoo is undergoing a slow and painful death via the hands of Shein.

BoE raise interest rates by .25%. Less than predicted, so perhaps a little breathing room for BOO. Perhaps!

If boo went broke and shien bought them out would they also get Debenhams and all the other companies?

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