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Good watch

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Good move

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This will encourage customers to sign up for their premium package.
For £12.95 a year, benefits include next day delivery and free returns.
Rewarding loyalty is now the only way forward for an internet based company.


Seems like a no brainer. Wonder if ASOS will follow suit.

I knew that run up was a fake-out. I think my 50p opportunity is coming after all lad :wink:

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Really, I would have thought the opposite effect would be true. I would boycott any company that didn’t allow free returns. I’m glad I sold my Boo shares!

In my opinion, they have miss handled this announcement. They should have used this as an opportunity to relaunch their premium account with some new features like early access to sales, faster customer services … easy stuff that doesn’t cost much.

You could then frame this as a basic account or a premium account thing.

Ultimately boohoo needs to develop a long-term relationship with their customers that goes deeper than price or range. Become a partner in their fashion choices and you can start to rebuild your margins with a committed customer base.


Agreed. Customer loyalty is non existent with BOO. I’ve shopped once from them and have never been incentivised to ever use their platform, I don’t even get notifications from their app to remind me that they exist! They have a lot to work on in terms of building a relationship with their customer base. Funding random love island contenders is a waste of money.

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This is ludicrous given that an app notification is essentially free with no need to spend on a advert from Meta or Google.

Boohoo look like they were just riding the fast fashion wave and that wave has crested. If they cannot figure out how to rebuild they’ll be beached on the shore with the sea birds of shein picking at their carcass.


I’m ready


Wait. It will drop further.

I’m setting mine to £0.30…

Well despite the big drop, insiders are not even picking up their own company shares despite it being the cheapest its been in several years.

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Not sure why its rallying, I see it running up on below average volume. I think the momentum will shift back again. If you don’t believe in BOO and want to sell out then nows probably a decent time. I’m going to stay holding with my £1.25 average until the stock touches 50p.

Why are you so sure it’ll get to 50p. It’s been within 5-10% of 50p, why risk missing the opportunity to avg down?

Because the earnings release was horrible and that was before interest rate rises. I’m sure it is worse now. I’m assuming they are currently issuing debt to run operations, this pushes the value even lower. I don’t know why everyone is waiting for the trading update or averaging down into BOO as if it will get better, the macroeconomic environment is clearly worse now than what it was in May. Also I’m very strict with averaging into BOO because there are far better opportunities out there. Thats why I’m very strict when I say 50p. This stock will be lucky to get a single penny from me even if its share price is 51p. If its not under 50p, I won’t buy. I’m happy to stick with my £1.25 average.


50 basis points rise today from BoE.
Will be interesting to see if @Hpoyo theory plays out now following the recent boo rally :grin:

BoE outlook is bleak!


BOO and the wider market continues to rally despite there being no signs of anything improving. I haven’t been buying anything the past two weeks.