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Depending on how bad next week’s report is I’ll be doing the same (down like £3k). If there’s any good news the stock should respond well.

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Ouch, thats the size of my freetrade portfolio (before losses :joy:)

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Bought a bit more at 40p got my average down a bit. Wish me luck :grimacing:


I’m waiting a bit more. 37p is crazy though. I have a feeling Boohoo is taking out a crazy amount of debt and making no money on sales.

Expecting the stock will go below 30. Tumbling £ will surely f*** their US push?

Think I’m done with UK stocks


Earnings today. Any thoughts?

Clearly a difficult situation for them to show investors the declining in sales.

However I see a positive outlook if they can replicate the margins they have in the U.K. with the delivery center in the U.S. and make significant customers acquisitions. But this is expected by Summer 2023 and increase at slow pace.

Also significant investment in automation in the U.K.

This is no bueno


Bro we’re effed

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Wishful thinking. No substance in what you’re saying. I think it will continue to get worse for a while. I’ll just hold what I have and average a bit at sub 30p.

Not wishful thinking, this is what was presented in this morning call. I am holding at the moment, not investing on them until they start to get the results out of their investment and strategy. Putting more money into it, is wishful thinking :grinning:

If they prove that in 2/3 years this was the right thing to do I am investing more, otherwise I am selling.


Did some portfolio management this morning, trimmed a few positions where I was up to buy more boohoo stock.

Purchased today at 0.32p Currently @ 40p. Lovely.

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Whats people reaction to earnings?

Sums up my reaction


Pretty sure I’m experiencing sunk cost fallacy

Theres a whale dumping and buying right before market close every day :joy::joy::joy:

Wow, this stock is a rollercoaster even just to watch!

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