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That’s not how percentages work. :wink: What you’re describing is an increase by 4 percentage POINTS, not by 4 percent.
If a dividend yield of 5% corresponds to £1 dividend, then a growth of 4% would give you £1.04 and the new dividend yield would be 5.2%.


Ah ok thanks get you! They did say percentage points but they probably don’t have to :rofl::rofl::+1:t2:

Slightly worried when I glanced at Google, but it seems they’ve got GBP and GBX confused!

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Up 9% in the last 7 days, glorious.


Is this the stock price or the price per Litre? :wink:


It’s not far from it tbh :joy::joy::joy::joy:

In my latest video I analyse BP stock using fundamental analysis. Is BP stock a buy?

I go through BP’s business summary, sales breakdown & financial statements to get an understanding of the business. After this, I go through my analysis checklist and then value BP stock using the discounted free cashflow method.

BP plc is a British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, England. It is one of the world’s seven oil and gas “supermajors”. It is a vertically integrated company operating in all areas of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, distribution and marketing, power generation, and trading. It also has renewable energy interests in biofuels, wind power, smart grid, and solar technology.

BP has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. It has secondary listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. In the 2020 Forbes Global 2000, BP was ranked as the 357th-largest public company in the world.

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This is just spam and an influencer :-1:t2:

How is this spam? Anyone interested in BP stock may find it useful!

It’s no different to sharing an article on a certain topic in my view.

I’ll stop sharing my videos if it’s a problem, but hopefully I’m adding some value to the community👍🏼


I don’t see any problem with a long term forum user posting videos with their views, how is it different from just typing a long post?


Sorry @Leonm1182 I have to disagree @LewisHarding might be posting his own video but he’s been a valued member for quite sometime

Some of these badges have been awarded to 150 people.


It’s just seemed like it’s being done so people view and see it more getting people to maybe buy for personal gain? If it valid research and proper advice and if nobody’s bothered it’s fine I don’t get influenced easy

And tbh I have bp so if raises then great I just didn’t want people throwing money into something and not working like their like?

SP moved up off social media sometimes and especially of somebody saying they “like the stock” people rush in and buy and goes tits up :pensive: which in my book it’s duping people into buying stock! Like wall st bets for example

But this is BP, it’s a 64 billion in market cap, all of Freetrade is 1 billion AUA. This isn’t some small fry liable to retail scale manipulation. Lewis’s posts are somewhere near the hazy line between self promotion and valuable contribution but generally in good spirit.


So why does it need promotion? If it’s so big does it really need another influencer? That being no disrespect to @LewisHarding :thinking:

Analysis and promotion aren’t the same thing. He’s giving an opinion on one of the big FTSE 100 stocks. I can’t see anything wrong with that, There is a bit of self promotion in the last couple of lines I guess


TBF @LewisHarding is pretty good compared to most, I despise most, and doesn’t do all the shocked faces etc for clicks. He gives his views and if people don’t like that kind of thing then why the hell are they clicking :rofl: He puts a bit more effort into the whole thing than some of us who post our views here and if he gets a coin or 2 from clicks good on him. :+1:

Also, he isn’t promoting BP, it just happens to be his latest as if you click his profile you will see he does a different one each time.


Well that’s my main point self promotion you wouldn’t have own channel if it wasn’t! I’m sure @LewisHarding is a great guy and maybe does good videos! So as a bp shareholder should I expect the worse or good? Nobody knows so if @LewisHarding if saying it’s all Rosey :rose: and expect big things then fair play but if turns out bad then it’s nothing more than an opinion and :point_left:t2::point_right:t2::point_up_2:t2::point_down:t2:pointing will start wouldn’t it?

I am yet to watch one of @LewisHarding videos but I will watch th above shared video :+1:t2:

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Like I said I’ll watch the video and if it’s good your get my approval I was merely stated that it’s self promotion and people could would say spam?

I don’t care if people have an opinion if it’s going to the moon :waxing_crescent_moon::rocket:I work on facts and good advice not just good opinion

All I seen was self promotion that’s all, obviously people know more about @LewisHarding than I do I wasn’t attacking the guy
And here’s your :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It certainly isn’t a problem from me Lewis if it doesn’t appeal to me I simply won’t listen!

If you have fair and truthful points then I probably will?

I just see a lot on YouTube and it’s just for personal financial gain and I think it’s wrong cause it’s people’s lives and money :moneybag:

An article is normally based on facts depending on the source? :thinking:

Do if you have the group’s blessing then it’s fine with me :+1:t2::rofl:

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No worries mate and I agree that there’s a lot of trash on YouTube - from both U.K. & US creators.

I’m probably biased with the stocks I own (who isn’t?) however I think I give a decent overview on stocks based on the numbers!

Let me know your thoughts on the BP video as well! It’s looking undervalued based on earnings & free cash flow BUT the financials aren’t exactly great.

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