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The head of oil giant BP has resigned as chief executive amid a review of his personal relationships with colleagues.

The company said Bernard Looney, who had led the company since 2020, was stepping down with immediate effect.

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I get investors want profits or they smash the sell button but isn’t almost all companies having a hard time at the moment with earnings?

It’s the only stock I’ve sold out of before the recent decline. It’s very cyclical and I also hold Rio so decided to reinvest in my ETF’s as the conviction wasn’t there for me.

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Rio is another cynical one but I’m happy with their plans the new mines etc for now anyways.

I thought BP would do OK there with the price rises on oil. Around my area though esso dominates for the cheapest fuel.

I have held out so nothing much I csn do now but ride the wave haha

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Hi Kiava I’ve been investing in BP a lot recently and I’m quite happy to " Ride the wave" also :+1:

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Aye it be a pirates life for thee arrrrghhh


What’s everyone’s thoughts on BP bevause I was reading the coments on yahoo and it doesn’t seem good.

Most people seem to have this opinion that BP are to focused on renewables and not on oil and also they said some company I can’t remember the name will ruin them or bring them down?

I was going to buy shares on the 16th as that’s div payment date but I think I got this wrong it’s Usally the ex div the shat price drops correct? So there would be no need to wait until the 16th? Or will the price drop some before people reinvest or decide to just put the cash else where?

Basing buying times around dividends is pointless. It’s a zero sum game.

Kiava they went ex 9th of November and pay dividends quarterly.
FT has the yield at nearly 5%, if you have worries about the company you can do better than that.
I’m holding thank you.

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No I thought bp was a good company it’s just that it seems to have a lot of negitive press on yahoo finance in the comments section.

So I was just wondering everyone’s thoughts about it.

Np I just thought why am I buying today if the share price is about to tank evvause dividents got paid out to everyone, so isn’t it better if you were to buy in to wait for the pay out so you get in lower? Buy low sell high isn’t that what this games about.

But no I got it wrong anyway I think when the ex div day is done it’s tanked the day after is it? Or on that day I’m not to sure I don’t pay much attention as I’m not a div hunter.

The day you are no longer entitled to the dividend the share price drops by the price of the dividend (all other things being equal).

If the price is £1 and the div is 5p - the share price drops to 95p as soon as it goes ex-div.

Sure you get the share for 95p and not £1…but you also aren’t getting the 5p.

It’s a zero sum game.

It’s the same reason buying shares for dividends is pointless. Sure you are getting a dividend - but the share price is also dropping by the same amount. You are no better off than if the company just kept the cash.

Yes but that’s not exactly true though is it because of it was my first time buying onto a stock and like you said the ex div dropped the share price and I bought in lower then come div time the share price could of went higher as well as gaining tha div.

I know though what you mean a out div getting paid then the same gets reinvested and the share price stays the same and it gets paid lit etc etc

I have plenty stocks where I get a div and it’s share price increases by alot per year so I get a double whammy not a zero sum game.

Some div stocks tho are just stuck for years at the same price and never change or even worse drop in pricd

I don’t think you have understood, Shadey is saying don’t base your timings of buying shares based on ex dividend dates. In the grand scheme it makes no difference.

Your comment relating to some dividend shares double and you get the dividend isn’t relevant to what you originally asked.


I closed my position in BP earlier this year at its peak, but prior to that they performed ok for me, I just lost confidence in management strategy and regular negative press. The money has since served me much better elsewhere.

Have you done sufficient research to buy in now, are you confident that they will be a big player in the future of renewables and low carbon solutions, are you happy to invest in another cyclical stock, as it fluctuates with the price of oil? Fossil fuels aren’t going anywhere soon, but clearly the very long term future of companies such as BP will be based on their ability to be able to adapt.


So forget your second part of your answer I’m still sticking with the fact if its your first time buying a stock it seems it would of been best if the date was really close to the ex div just to hold out to after the ex date then buy, but like yous say I don’t understand so I’m prob not getting it.

Yes well this is what I having to read into more about how much they really are investing in renewable etc and we will need oil for decades to come.

Around my area all that you see is no and esso with 1 shell garagex but everyone comments shell up this up that up BP down, although there were plenty fighting this case for BP saying it was still up 2% on that rough year where as I can’t remember the ither company was down 34% overall some renewable type oil company I haven’t heard of that people kept saying sell BP and buy into thst instead.

I’ll have a further dive into. The company and then decide I don’t have a large holding already it was just to top up since it’s one of the very few I have in red lol but there must be a reason for it as its drooooj g like 2% a day at times.

Stupid me yes everyone’s comparing chev and xon with BP that’s who I was trying to remember above.

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I got lucky and bought in pandemic always been in the green. I’m holding as pays a lovely dividend and normally up year on year for me


I hold both BP and SHELL.
BP are getting into diversity more I know they not long ago bought a US Solar company and they are into Wind and they have cleared off some dept so all in all I Think I will just keep buying on a regular basis.