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Still waiting for BP, but Kingfisher dividend has come through, which had today as the payment date. Maybe taking a bit longer for the BP dividends.

Just received the dividend

got my 87p - can retire early now :smiley:

Yeah! Hot weather where you are? You can buy this for yourself or some one special in your life. But inflation may have taken its toll and driven the price up, then you might have to wait for the next dividend too.

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They reported some very impressive numbers, record profits, perhaps unsurprisingly given the commodity prices. Always a bit weird when a business makes what some consider an ‘excessive profit’ and feels the wrath of the politicians and general public. Is it a uniquely British attitude I wonder? I’m not sure if your Chevrons and Exxon etc face such a backlash in the States, maybe they do.

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I think it’s a mix of people being legitimately worried and adding on the media who manipulate the story and provide half truths the about things. Many people don’t know the full picture or what their options are as a result. Half the time they’re just being told their bill is going to be ‘well over £3k’ or going up by 70% but aren’t being given any more info.

This kind of stuff just doesn’t quite sit right with me. Are they allowed to make money? How much exactly? Would we rather a British company with thousands of employees do badly?

I swear I haven’t read that independent article before my previous post but I’m amazed how accurate my post was

The government has been urged to raid massive profits at oil giants such as BP to provide additional help for families struggling to heat their homes – with average energy bills set to soar past £3,000 a year.

And of course the article doesn’t includes any details on what over £3k actually means, or what households can do

These people don’t to realise that BP don’t set the price of Oil and don’t have much control over how much they make from it. And that the vast majority those profits aren’t coming from petrol station forecourts

Also that they can join in and own part of BP for as little as four quid


You do realise the like of the independent are all about causing controversy and riling up people like you. You click on their article, get annoyed, share it with other people. There is a fight in the comments of the article between team red and team blue and the independent is the one “laughing all the way to the bank” :smiley: It’s very simple just ignore trash media designed for clicks.


BP’s $3.5bn buyback as profits soar


Anyone else waiting for the BP dividend? Any idea when payout is likely to be?

Haha, spoke too soon, just got mine

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BP announces big push into green hydrogen. Good or bad news?

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Sky news have been highlighting hydrogen this weekend sounding interestingly good. I may buy some shares on Hydrogenone as well as BP, and wait and see.

Anyone else thinking that long term yesterdays energy news just showed this company and stock has an expiry date now ? Nuclear fusion is one of the holy grails and I imagine there will now be very very rapid development towards it given it’s potentially limitless and far cleaner than anything else.

When I was at school the physics teacher went on about nuclear fusion and how is was 15 to 20 years away with limitless cheap energy for all.
I am now in my 50s and it still seems to be 15 20 years away who knows if it will ever be a working reality.

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That was the announcement yesterday , US scientists made cold fusion work. A similar equivalent is that once nuclear power was made to work it took less than 20 years to create the first nuclear power station.