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Where is there a fusion reactor running now providing energy for homes and businesses?

Regardless of that, when fusion becomes commercially viable some day. What are your grounds that BP will end as a company?

I don’t really see the connection. BP is an energy company who will end up pushing and investing in fusion if it becomes viable

I believe this isn’t the 1st time this has been successfully done in a scientific environment but translating that to a commercially working power station is a different thing entirely.

It wasn’t Cold Fusion, it was just fusion. It still required massive amount of energy to get it started. It’s just that for the first time it apparently released more energy than they put in.

I still think it’s a long way from being game over for Oil stocks. Could take decades to get reliable fusion reactors working at scale. Also there have been alternatives to Oil for years but Oil consumption continues to rise on a global scale

BP profits are largely derived from fossil fuels and the volatility of their pricing .

Will have to see but if there were more shares related to nuclear fusion then that’s where I’d want to put money because I think it’s a breakthrough at the right time in history that’ll provide the drive to finally abandon fossil fuels on large scale. Other uses are quite a big area as well.

So to put this in context, the announcement yesterday was great. They put 2MJ into some fuel and got 3MJ out, a gain of 1.5x (called Q). This is very cool and is the first time this has been achieved on Earth. However, it is ignoring that 300MJ was used to put that 2MJ into the fuel.
And that all that energy was released for a very short period. The amount of time it takes light to travel 1 inch I e., not very long. So while cool, commercial fusion is still a long way off.

While the NIF facility is not intended as a practical fusion power plant. There are many research facilities working on it in earnest, ITER, DEMO, JT, MAST, STEP etc and there are many commercial companies that have funding and are pursuing these areas now as well CFS, Helion, General Fusion, First Light Fusion, Tokamak Energy etc.

Somewhat ironically, the big oil players, BP, Shell can see the writing on the wall, they are getting into the new technologies, e.g. EV charge points, and are even interested in partnering with and helping to build some of these new Fusion Reactors. So no, there’s no imminent expiration date based on this announcement.

Quick question. Im new to investing and have bought £200 of bp shares with the dividend being 4.09% i was expecting about £8 back but have only recieved 62p. Is there something im missing or not taking into consideration with regard to expected payout vs what i have put in?

The dividend yield is based on an annual payout so if you have £200 in shares you will get around £8 a year but for bp this is split into 4 payments. Did you buy the shares over a period of time? Because it sounds as though you will have bought some before the last ex dividend date (the date you have to hold the shares to be eligible for the next dividend) and some after. So the payment you got might only be for around £60 worth of shares


Hope that helps

Thanks for the help that has cleared things up for me

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Got this today from my inbox.

Interesting. I wonder if they are planning for hydrogen roll-out?

< edit > TLDR at the time but have now. Hydrogen and other clean fuels are part of the expansion by the looks of it. Great news.


The dividend was due on the 31st March. Ive not received it yet?

Me too, it will come though :smiley::+1:


So more bumper profits but the price went down !!??? What gives?

They announced a reduction in share buybacks.

BP beats forecasts with £4bn quarterly profit


Dividend was due on the 23rd June still not received it?