Brain Füd

Brain Füd, a health-orientated energy drink are currently raising on Seedrs.

I’m considering making an investment since, as a consumer on energy drinks myself, I’ve noticed that there aren’t many healthy equivalents.

I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Brain Füd? Anyone else investing in them, or has anyone tried their current drinks?

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I’m not seeing women aged 18-34 becoming energy drink consumers, but that may be me.

I’ve never had it, and there are only two reviews on Ocado.

Have you tried it?

I haven’t, but I’ve got a sample on its way.

I’m quite interested in natural energy foods and drinks, and invested in the Tribe crowdfunding earlier this year. They make really great natural energy bars which I eat before running :running_man: (though there’s not been as much of that as I would have liked recently!)

When it comes to drinks, I quite like Tenzing energy drinks and am seeing them in more and more places.

This particular brand may also be popular with Scottish investors :smile:

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Yep, I saw this in M&S and gave it a go. M&S stock Tenzing.

On the topic of ingredients, and specifically caffeine. Does anyone have a take on the natural caffeine vs synthetic caffeine?