Lets get to Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology ASAP! Vote for allowing us to purchase BritishVolt shares

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Unfortunately at this moment in time BritishVolt are unlisted on any of the major exchanges, but I agree with you once they IPO on the LSE I’ll definitely be looking to invest.


Britishvolt to enter administration as early as Monday

Oh dear. Another shining example of the British government’s long term industrial strategy…


After reading the article I wasn’t quite so sure that the companies commercial strategy was very sensible.


If they had been given the 100 million and it still went pop in 6 months or year I assume the government would get pelters for giving them the money.


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@bitflip & @Roger - I agree with you both… Here’s a tweet from January by the first of 3 Conservative Prime Minister that we’d had this year so far.

My problem is that it was yet another empty promise from Prime Minister Windbag and I’ve no doubt it will have already soaked up some taxpayer cash - both from national and local government.

Why won’t the private sector in Brexit Britain take on big projects like this? Where’s it going wrong?

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The CEO of Alkemy said that when it comes to funding their project they won’t be looking to the Government as it takes too long and they don’t have the money, he should probably know as he is also the CEO of Pensana and when that one started they did go the government route.

Britain really has lost its way, and that is sad to see. If Britishvolt had ever made it to the market i would have put money in so i’m glad it didn’t but i was really hopeful with their plans.

No idea what the future holds for the UK, but if nothing changes soon it doesn’t look good.


Hi guys, I work in finance and I received the Deck of British Volt few months ago.
They were raising money at a valuation of £1.9bn.
Honesty the founding team didn’t inspire confidence and there was nothing really concrete in the Deck. It almost seemed a scam project.
I am not surprise they are going under.


Careful if your dealing with confidential information. It might impact your current role

UK battery firm Britishvolt averts collapse as funding secured UK battery firm Britishvolt averts collapse as funding secured - BBC News


The plot thickens, I wonder who stumped up the money. All feels like last minute drama and things were arranged a while ago, the Government refusing to give the £30 Mill probably means they don’t have it anyway.

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It’ll be interesting to see how the energy crisis affects competitors like Northvolt. The Baillie Gifford-backed company, which probably has more funding than the rest, is saying it may have to suspend building its German gigafactory.

I suspect most of these companies will fold but the one or two that do survive could do well in the longer term.

This was an interesting comparison with Northvolt:

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Britishvolt gets a Recharge!

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Out of the frying pan and into the fire there.

Not sure who the other bidders where but these lot might not be able to manage the scale their aiming for

Yes, especially during a supply chain crises! Did you read Ford’s news? They missed about $2billion of profits, blaming chip shortages and supply chain issues. Anyone doing tech stuff will be facing similar issues.

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