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Bump, good dividend stock

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Really surprised that this stock is not in the universe either.

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Yep, was hoping I’d be able to invest in Broadcom when I signed up recently, as well as railroad stock, Union Pacific (UNP), another one paying a reasonable and growing dividend.

Yeah would like to see Broadcom.

Any idea why it dropt last week ?

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We’ll see!

Another one I sold out of way too early.
Earnings tonight.
If this one beats
The entire AI bubble goes ballistic to the moon tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hit $1279 on T212 at one point. I dithered too much and didnt pull the trigger, bummer.

Mongo, Mrvl, down too.

Don’t look at Costco :joy:

Are we all buying the dip tomorrow

Haha, about time with this one. Needs a bigger pullback for me though.

I’m predicting eventually tops out at $1800