Broadstone Acquisition Corp - BSN - Share chat

Please list Broadstone Aquisitions as soon as possible.

This SPAC has some interesting investments including flying taxi…Vertical approach

Seems very interesting and below are some details if anyone is interested. :+1:


This would be really good stock to have as news is looking promising. Now Virgin are linked to the merged company.

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Very interested in this to add to my slowing growing portfolio

Any reason this has gone to a discussion from request as it isnt on the app?

Fingers crossed its on its way! I’m new to all this but isn’t new stocks uploaded Fridays or can it be any day if the week?

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I’m guessing it will be here soon as every new thread I searched for isn’t on the app yet. :man_facepalming: The FT team have a horrible habit of posting in a massive batch before they are actually released. Such a waste of peoples time if they then naturally look them up to see they are not on the app.

Talk about doing something arse-about-face :joy:

I don’t know but I thought it was usually a midweek day :+1:

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