Broker note

(ashik) #1

So I was wondering where The latest broker note comes from… I see various sites posting broker notes which is like a day old from its source I believe.

(Emma) #2

Which broker note in particular are you referring to?

(ashik) #4

Perhaps like hsbc or peel hunt

(Chris) #5

I’m totally lost at the moment.

(Ryan) #6

Are you referring to when brokers release notes relating to the market, or things like Brexit?

I assume you can just go to their website and view them there? Or if not, on their actual brokerage platform?

(ashik) #7

Okay so for example HSBC had broker note for ted baker (buy) but this note was realised yesterday(9th jan) hence the 30 percent increase on the stock . The broker note was only published on other platforms such as hl and sharesmagzines the next day(today 10jan)