BT (BT.A) 📡

Is this a good sign for ‘Slow internet’?


Looks like their logo in the app is going to need a refresh.

Their new logo is somewhat different to the current.

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:joy: wow, this is just bad



“After years of work”…


When it comes to the 5G networks, Only BT (and EE) + Vodaphone seem to be the only players bringing this to the UK, with their new boss, sports rights and 5G does BT stand a chance to make a comeback?

That new logo must be worth a fortune. That’s what I call quality

PS: must find an emoji to help convey the true meaning of my comment


Slack emojis are the only ones suitable in this case



This is the logo BT came up with in 2016. Its taken almost three years to turn it black and white.



I quite like it, it’s got that “default user icon in a social media app” vibe.

They have never been good at picking logos.


I couldn’t remember what their current logo is (not a great sign) so just had to go to BT’s site to check.

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This is as bad as the interactive investor logo change :joy: just when you think you’ve seen it all.

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Is bt under/over valued?

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The price is very appealing, but the choice of logo is putting me off!

Undervalued. According to SWS

Thoughts on BT now? Share price keeps dropping, wondering when it will end

Yield of nearly 9% now if dividends are your thing ( and you think it’s sustainable )

Mark Hanna: “Nobody knows if a stock is going to go up, down, sideways or in circles.” :roll_eyes: :rofl:

Especially if you saw some of the stuff happening on the HK stock exchange.

In all seriousness, the algo traders (machines) are moving the stock market mostly.

If you want, you could calculate your estimated intrinsic value (some kind of price per share using a DCF or better - an APV (adjusted present value) model). Then follow this “rule”:


As @Jim_mcgrain pointed out, the div yield is 9%, so could be a long-term play.

This is not an investment recommendation. Everyone has their style.

Take a look at this. The Motley Fool (US and UK) is a great source of knowledge imo:

And perhaps the biggest millstone around BT’s neck is debt, which stood at £17,805m at 30 June, a massive £6,770m higher than at 31 March. That includes a lease liability required by IFRS 16 accounting requirements, and without that, net financial debt was put at a lower £11,642m. But it’s still a figure to make the eyes water.

Source -

If you’re in it for the long run it’s probably fine, if you’re in it for short term dividend and returns…

I think it still has some falling left in it.