BT is categorised as ‘Slow internet’ - Suggest changing it

I just noticed that in the Discovery screen. It might be accurate, but is it accurate enough not to upset their lawyers? :joy:

This one’s controversial :grin:

For the record, there’s been some more discussion about this in this thread too -

Is this a suggestion to get that tagline removed/changed? If so, maybe you could edit the title of the post to reflect this?
It’s been a bugbear of mine for a while, and I now experience a near visceral reaction every time I see it in the app.
What’s the idea behind it freetrade? If it’s to drum up a bit of controversy/publicity when the app reaches a wider audience then I’m (kind of) ok with that. But please tell me you’ve at least had a chat with your legal team about it.
For me, it’s a cheap shot (the only one as far as I can see from scrolling through the discover tab), not 100% accurate, and could easily be interpreted by users as a suggestion not to invest in/use BT. Not sure that’s a great idea for an investment product.


Entirely accurate statement from my experience. If only Hyperoptic was listed then they could be ‘lightening fast internet’


I imagine it’s to inject a bit of humour as it’s so tame it wouldn’t lead to publicity/controversy. There’s more details in their about section so that’s not the only information about them. I really hope they don’t end up changing everything to stale and boring


I’d change it to “Maybe slow Internet?” :grin: covered then :relaxed:


I agree. I think it’s a risk to Freetrade as a business.

Go for a statement of fact - ‘Massive pension deficit’ should do it.


I don’t think it’s an actual risk, I doubt BT would take any action that forces them to prove their internet isn’t slow in court :smiley:

But I do think descriptions should be neutral rather than derogatory


Yes, this isn’t about risk, but about Freetrade’s credibility with customers as a neutral source of information - people are making purchase decisions based on Freetrade descriptions (even if you want them to do more research, many will not).

So a playful description is fine and on-brand, a derogatory one is not IMO.


I have to say I think it’s really important that freetrade try and find out where he boundaries are for this, as @Rat_au_van said I would hate for bits to be chipped away from he freetrade brand/ humour that I think we all love. That said, although I haven’t had the level of reaction as @eds

it feels like it has just gone over the line.



Maybe it should be ‘Slow beoadband’ as their fibre isn’t that slow… just a suggestion. The superdry one is another that made me chuckle.

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I can only really roll my eyes… :roll_eyes: Risk to the business? Come on…


Freetrade does not provide investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. The value of investments can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment.

It’s funny, it’s unique and it adds a bit of humours. Thank you for having it and please keep it.


My initial reaction was along the same lines as Eds. In short, the description isn’t professional and was a distraction from my first impression of the app. Like many people I’m not a fan of BT, but this is an unnecessary cheap shot which adds no value to the user experience…


As someone who has worked for BT and now Openreach its a bit disappointing to see that description to be honest.


Freetrade should be promoting a professional image if they are serious about becoming a major player in this industry. Glib remarks like this don’t do them any favours.


Preview of the US stock universe


:joy: please don’t change that


Again, I think that’s just unnecessary. To me it says ‘look at us, we’re yet another funny and quirky startup, aren’t we clever’ rather than ‘we’re a serious company in a serious industry who you can trust with your money’.

I’m all for encouraging new and younger investors, but I’m sure there are better ways. Having a feature like this awesome forum is a big help. If a big company, such as HL, started being facetious or sarcastic about the investments they offer they would, rightly, get no end of criticism in the financial industry.


So to be considered serious or professional they have to copy the boring approach that is traditionally associated with finance, and instantly puts people to sleep? Personality and humour should never be seen as a negative