BT is categorised as ‘Slow internet’ - Suggest changing it

(Chris) #84


Why not?

Transparency; at the moment the lens is translucent as we only know one side of the story (community sample). Public disclosure of a public vote is the norm, plus I’m interested (curiosity) & that alone is enough for me to ask for the info.


For what it’s worth, I’m also curious. Interested to see how many votes from the newsletter distribution came through compared to those engaged on the community forum.

(Chris) #87

At the risk of opening up this tedious, and ridiculous, argument again.
You’re using the word transparency as a stick to bang a drum that doesn’t exist or even need to exist. The forum votes are there to see. The public responses are there to see. Freetrade have no need to share any privately sent messages.
Transparency isn’t sharing everything demanded, it’s being open in how decisions are made. They’ve been very open in their decision making. That’s all they need to do.
I’m done with this topic.


I find your tone to be negative which is unwarranted given that my request is reasonable and simply that… a request. The community here is for engagement; if you don’t like it have a few days off posting gifs or just lurk on other topics if this one is no longer palatable for you.


Correct. Hence my question.


Fair enough. But I think it’s a terrible decision.

(Vladislav Kozub) #90

I think it is fair to respect @Diversify’s request since it is just a simple request, not a demand. Freetrade is not liable to answer every question asked. If they deem it urgent enough to collate the data and post a response - great.

But with everything going on prior to Christmas and Freetrade’s extensive list of features that is yet to be shipped (39 days left!), I would not be surprised if stock descriptions and subsequent discussions took a lower priority for the time being.

I am sure once the paramount brokerage functions are in place, there will be necessary attention paid to every other aspect that community deems relevant :slight_smile:


Cheers @Vlad. Just to add to this point, the data is already collated otherwise one wouldn’t have results to publish. It’s a simple matter of lifting the numbers out of a spreadsheet… 5 min task max.

(Alex Sherwood) #92

I don’t have access to the data now but if you totalled up all of the votes from both polls, in the community & the newsletter, the majority were in favour of keeping the existing description.

We believe that the poll from the newsletter was the most representative insight into how our users feel about this as everyone, including people outside the community, could vote on it.

But it was the community that initially raised this & made us review the description so we’re grateful to everyone who voted & commented here.


Cheers for a response. Once you gain access on Monday, I’d appreciate specific incite into those statistics, specifically how big the off-community sample size was and the vote split.


Thanks to everyone for taking part in this discussion and to the Freetrade staff for running the polls. I didn’t expect this subject to go so far or be so contentious and I don’t agree with the majority opinion, but I’ve found it interesting to see how people approached it. I’m glad we seem to have been able to resolve it without the community being torn asunder and I hope we’ll be able to get through the launch party without there being a punch up over this. :grin:

The best bit has been learning how much the community care about the details and gaining an insight into how people view the ‘mission’ or ‘flavour’ of Freetrade, for want of a better word.


Hey way off topic but how do I join the newsletter?

I thought I had subscribed to the newsletter but don’t recall seeing this specific one.


I don’t like the result so would like a second referendum/people’s vote or whatever until I get the result I want…:rofl:

Seriously, I would have preferred the change but fair enough, the ‘majority’ has spoken.

(Vladislav Kozub) #97

As long as further discussions will not take 585 pages, I am fine with the result :joy:

(Viktor) #98

DM me your email :+1:


Pity that Freetrade don’t seem to want to see the light on this one. Perhaps a letter to Sabine Chalmer, BT’s General Counsel, might be enough to nudge them in the right direction? Better to receive a threatening legal letter now rather than later methinks. I am a Freetrade shareholder and BT customer, but I would rather Freetrade received a cease and desist letter now, than carry on down the road of trendy but slanderous stock descriptions.

(Emma) #100

By nudge in the right direction you mean do exactly what you’ve decided is the right thing? The threat was a nice touch

(Rob N) #101

While my vote didn’t win (and I liked the ‘fast internet’ idea), I am looking forward to the descriptions for US stocks :+1:t3:

(Alex Sherwood) #102

Speaking of that..


It’s not about what I personally see as right or wrong. Companies, while autonomous entities, are still bound by the same overarching legal and regulatory frameworks which govern them and the macro environment in which they operate; they are not a law unto themselves. If I believe there is an instance of defamation here on a point of law, then i’m perfectly within my rights to fire off an email to the company concerned (BT), who are also within their rights to act upon, or ignore my letter. Majority opinion doesn’t really come into this. I’m just being a transparent snitch by informing you of my intention.