Budget 2021 and upcoming CGT tax changes in UK


Everyone keeps on going on about UK’s tech scene - Silicon Roundabout All the names mentioned in the article are in the financial sector (Monzo, Starling etc). It makes sense given the UK has domain expertise in the finance sector.

But are these guys making in roads globally, or are they just domestic businesses. N26 (German) pulled out of the UK. Corporate UK’s history is littered with companies running home with their tails between their legs having tried the world stage.

Anyway, the point is - what else is there other than online banks?

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How about a reduction in pension relief for the highest tax bands. Could easily be justified e.g. why should secretaries, cleaners, researchers subsidise MP’s salaries or why should nurses subsidise doctors salaries etc. etc.

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So, the CGT allowance has been frozen until 2026. :sweat_smile:


There may yet be a change to the CGT tax after the review has taken place later in the month


Can’t wait to pay for all this after not having benefitted


In it together aren’t we lol

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Let’see what will happen with CGT % and allowance from autumn :slight_smile:

Here’s the latest.

NHS staff worked extremely hard this year many putting their lives on line to ensure that we were all looked after. They receive a 1% payrise.

MP salary over the last 10 years


Yeah… every time I see this sort of stuff I get really annoyed. Maybe partly due to the fact that the current populist political class is so poor and self serving. They don’t warrant their old salaries let alone any increases.

But then I think that the majority of people in this country vote for them, time after time. Further they don’t get out and support NHS is a meaningful way, as to make anything actually change, despite their reliance on it.

So I think this is really a reflection of the British people as a whole, and those of us that disagree are the minority.


Most people didn’t vote for the current Government. We need to change the voting system to PR.

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I also blame the lack of credible opposition. I feel Labour are taking steps to move back to the centre but there’s still considerable power with Momentum. Who do people vote for when they’re faced with Corbyn and McDonnell?

In terms of electability at least, it’s a step in the right direction