Budget tips

I remember buying what I thought was a multipack of space raiders only to get home and find it was a massive bag, had to eat the lot, but then couldn’t feel my tongue for about 3 days :rofl:


@Kiava my take home pay is approx £2,000 a month. I’m in my 20s with no kids.

I always ‘pay myself first’ which involves £200 in savings, £550 in investments. Then I live on whatever I have left.

The below is my average monthly expenses. If I have an expensive month such as car repairs etc, then I’ll cut out something else like food and drink out. All of the below expenses are 50% of total. My partner covers the other 50%.

Mortgage = £350.
Petrol = £80 (live 10 mins from work, mainly cycle, petrol expense is predominantly for weekend trips).
All house bills = £160. (bought my first house in Nov 2022, bought somewhere small and cheerful to keep costs down - council tax band B).
Food = £240.
Spotify = £5.
Food and drink out = £40.
Phone bill = £11.
House maintenance (DIY) averages around £30 a month.
Personal care (gym, hair cuts, running shoes etc) around £35 a month.

House insurance, car insurance etc is paid from my savings in a 12 month lump sum as it’s cheaper than paying monthly.


Thats very impressive for anyone never mind while you are still in your 20s.

As long as you make space and allowances to ‘live a little’ once in while (you really need to while you are young) then all sounds very good.

Put life first, but one eye on the future is always good too.

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