Bug Report: Paid instant trade screen still accessible

Hey all,

I was just selling a share and was able to access the old £1 instant sell screen/popup screen. Screenshot attacted.

I can’t repro it now, but the steps I did to get there were:
Portfolio Screen > Select Stock > Sell >
Sell Screen > the loading spinner was spinning and I was able to click on the order type.
When it finished loading it went to the free instant trade, but for the loading time (which was noticable, >3 seconds), it suggested it was £1 to sell.

Everything still worked, but there is a noticable ‘error’ which may put some users off for a brief amount of time.


Google Pixel 4, Android 10, April 2020 security patch
Freetrade version 1.0.8532


Same thing happened to me. I was trying to place an order at 14:09 this afternoon and the Review Order was greyed out even though the account was funded and the order value was less than available funds…

Hi both!

Thanks for pointing this out. We’ll be making sure you no longer see this in the next release of the apps :slight_smile: