Bug Report: Portfolio selection tab

Since the new SIPP advertising was included the portfolio selection tab (GIA/ISA etc) and a recent IOS update, after selecting a portfolio the tab remains in place, often blank and I have to click off the tab to enter the selected portfolio. The behaviour is not always consistent. Sometimes the tab briefly disappears, selects the portfolio change, hangs for a few seconds, then closes.

The portfolios themselves are also taking a long time to load.

I am not sure if it is the advertising that has caused this, or the IOS update, however as many people have shared in the community, the app is meant to be simple and this is :freetrade: 's USP. The advertising on this tab makes the app feel messy and the advert is quite intrusive. I am aware of the fact that freetrade offer a SIPP and rather than encouraging me to get one, I find it an irritation, particularly as it now freezes on my phone.

iPhone 6S

I have a SIPP so don’t see the advert. Can you post a redacted screenshot?

It does different things - but usually this…

You can’t really see it properly as there is white block at the bottom where the portfolio selection and SIPP advert usually is but my image is on a white background here.

Sometimes the white pop-up disappears and then reappears with the correct content but the new portfolio selected, sits for a few seconds, then disappears, other times I have to click off the box into the portfolio.

Very clunky when a previously smooth transition between portfolios.

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This appears to be fixed or at least no longer happening.

Thank you :freetrade: if fixed.