Bulb 💡


I am thinking of making the move from Npower to Bulb. I know they are in the same office building as Freetrade and I have seen very good things about them online. Would anyone recommend them?


Yes. Easy switchover, easy app, good prices, statement every month, always remind you in advance of payment being taken. I suppose you don’t really know until something has gone wrong, but nothing has in my case.


My only concern is the recent collapse of a number of other energy providers. Bulb has some very generous introductory offers - including a £50 referral payment, and will pay exit fees up to £120!

(Tommy Lowe) #4

I’ve been with them just over a year, fairly happy with them, although at first they told me my house didn’t exist as it wasn’t on their database :joy: I have had several price increases though since I joined but at least they don’t tie you to a contract and you can take pride in knowing your energy is from 100% renewable sources. I also was grateful for the referral bonus which paid for a couple of months bills. Their app is also nice and easy to use, useful little things like letting you use the flash in app to take a meter reading are a nice touch, UI is also :+1:

If you’d like a referral code, I’d be happy to give you mine (disclosure - we both get £50 credit).


Great overview, thank you Tommy.

Do you think their prices have remained competitive despite the price increase? They are offering to reduce my bill by 1/3 which seems very good!

(Giridhar Tammana) #6

In last 3 energy providers I was with 2 went into administration.
Moving to Bulb next so beware :wink:


I was with them for a year. No issues. I have just jumped ship as I found a 2 yr fixed deal that was actually cheaper. That said it is with a company I hadn’t heard of so we’ll see how it pans out…

(Louis Otto) #8

I think they’re fantastic, I switched over to them last year and they’re cheap, their communication is excellent, and it’s 100% renewable - can’t complain!


I’m going to give them a try - anyone fancy sending me their referral code?

(Louis Otto) #10

bulb.co.uk/refer/louiso8061?utm_campaign=account-referral-share&utm_medium=copy-link&utm_source=copy-button :slight_smile:
Just to clarify, you get £50 and I get £50 into our bulb account upon the switch completing

(Lorenzo) #11

I recently switched to Bulb as well. Ive been with them for few months now and I can def say it was a great decision :v: Easy to use service, pleasing to interact with them and they also have a solid customer support service. Too bad you already got an invitation code lol!
Here in case someone else needs it :smile:

Bulb Ref Link