BUX STOCKS - Dutch startup BUX to launch commission free stock trading

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Interesting news from BUX. I have used their app (trading CFDs) in the past and it’s definitely quite a slick experience. They’ve just announced that they are launching a new zero commission stock trading product:

Coming in hot today with a massive announcement. We’re dropping a new app, BUX STOCKS. And boy is it red hot. Everyone and I mean everyone from first time millennial investors to big bald baby boomers will soon be able to invest in EU and US stocks with BUX…! And not only that, they’ll be able to invest for FREE, yes nil, naught, nada. STOCKS users will be able to buy and sell - real - stocks and pay zero in commissions.

Just like it’s little(or bigger) brother, STOCKS will encompass all things BUX: That is an ever-growing ‘in-app’ community and an app that is low in complexity, sleek in design and ahead of the game with user-friendliness.

We’ll be launching in Germany and the Netherlands in early 2019 and then the rest of Europe will be able to come along for the ride.

To stay ahead of curve you can sign up to our waiting list. Not only will you be able to cop sneak peeks and be kept up to date with developments surrounding STOCKS but you’ll also have a chance to collect some free shares along the way. See stocks.getbux.com

We’re so pumped about this launch that we’re giving away 100,000 shares to everyone who joins the BUX STOCKS waiting list and opens an account once we’re live. Let’s rock the world of finance!

(Big Boss) #2

Dafuq… giving away 100,000 BUX shares?! :thinking: That’s an interesting client acquisition strategy.


Similar pink & white colour scheme to Freetrade:

Wonder if they’ll be offering fractional US shares too?


Looks like Germany and the Netherlands need to be first on FT’s European expansion plans!


Reminds me of Tandem reportedly offering a free share worth £75 as a co-founder before it crowdfunded but up to this day, it seems like the free shares have not been allocated. I wonder what’s the value of 100,000 BUX shares. Seems like a very huge amount to give away to everyone.



  1. They didnt say 100k shares for everyone i think, i believe it is one share per person for first 100k users. What i have got in an email : “Be among the first 100,000 users to set up an account in the app and get a free share.*”

  2. Tandem did give free share, also it is not worth of 75£, but one share which was worth 15£ (at that time).

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“Shares that are distributed will be decided in full discretion by Bux only and are non-negotiable” [T&C’s]

I.e. they’re shares in listed stocks rather than shares in Bux itself - so they could be shares for €1 or whatever they decide at the time… It won’t be a massive giveaway, more to encourage users as they start.

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Slightly off topic but had a look at their site and found their Culture Book aimed at people applying. Worth looking at for a laugh

Highlights include this amazing caption

And there’s always their not at all worrying sleeping arrangements


I see they have pictures & quotes from notable people in the Culture Book - I would love to hear Elon Musk or Simon Sinek’s thoughts on “kingsize” bed sharing or BigSwingingNick


" We’re so pumped about this launch that we’re giving away 100,000 shares to everyone who joins the BUX STOCKS waiting list and opens an account once we’re live. "

Oh right, I just had a quick look on the link given and that’s what’s written and on the 2nd link, it shows " Sign up and get a free share worth up to €100".

So Tandem did actually give free shares but just not worth £75 as what’s been reported? https://smartmoneypeople.com/news/post/tandem-bank-offering-free-shares

I signed up on it before when they were still building the app although I didn’t really invest when they crowdfund. I’ve just seen some “co-founders” who signed up for it and asked Tandem what happened to the supposedly free shares and Tandem replied…

In answer to your other question, It is very important to us that you, as a Co-Founders, are rewarded for all the contributions you have made in helping build our products. Following the fundraise earlier this year, we are full throttle in growth mode and are launching products to gain as much market traction as we can. This also means our staff is quite stretched in delivery of those products which is why it is taking some time for us to deliver on our promise to you. We anticipate this to happen in Q1 2019 next year but as a start-up things move around at short notice. I want to reiterate that the timing of delivery on our promise will not affect the ultimate value to you as the value can only be derived when we have an exit event (IPO or asset sale).

So it seems to me that the shares were not allocated yet. Anyhow, the free Bux shares when signing up just reminded me of that.


I was a Tandem “co-founder” and never received my share. I think I just had a little whinge about it on the Monzo forum but never actually complained to Tandem. From what I’d heard Tandem shares became pretty worthless so it felt like complaining about getting short changed by a penny.

@ss2302 did you get a share in Tandem for being a cofounder? What did you have to do to get it?


@rarther - I did receive one share but i think it may be because i referred someone else! current share price is around 62 pence, it was £15.


I noticed they are already targeting “freetrade” in Google search.

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Alternatively could be ‘free’ and ‘trade/trading’, which form Freetrade’s name.


Good point but it’s common for competitors to target their competitors name. It’s why you find companies bidding on their own company name. Anyway I accidentally stumbled upon it so I thought I’d share.

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Nope, it’s our trademark.


To be expected from the man who refers to himself as BigSwingingNick :roll_eyes:

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He likes golf :woman_shrugging:


And sharing king size beds with his co workers which makes me :nauseated_face:

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So… it looks like they removed that terrifying “Culture Book” after your comment: https://getbux.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/BUX-Culture-book.pdf