Buy an specific number of shares rather than a £ amount


“Definitely a good one to sort out, whereby they could get the number of shares they can afford”_

That’s already in place. You can enter a £ amount and at the end of day x amount of shares will be purchased based on that cash. However, many of us would like to buy shares by exact quantities and there’s currently no mechanism for that. Having both as an option would be perfect.



Definitely need this as an option in the future. I’d like this to also make it clear that you’d need to specify how much you would be willing to hold back in reserve cash to cover the purchase of these shares so no one gets frustrated if a huge surge in price comes up that you’re not happy with.

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(lukehebb) #23

We should be able to have both. I’d equate this to Revolut currency conversion.

If I’m converting my GBP to EUR I can either type in GBP to convert or I can type in the EUR I want. It will figure out the other one for me. With this, we should be able to type in how much we want to spend, or how many shares we want to purchase and have the app do the rest.

Also, please show Stamp Duty on the initial purchase screen. For example, Tesco is at £2.09 per share. Typing in £2.09 won’t let me proceed as Stamp Duty is 1p. I need to type in £2.10 but its not clear as to why

A great app, just some tweaks to add a good amount of value to the experience!



Bumping this thread as I think this is the perfect solution to have a 2-way input, especially now US stocks quoted in :dollar: are launched. :us:

With fractional shares, the current set up would be less of an issue but until then there’s still some frictional mental math to done.



IMO fractional shares and the option to buy exact amounts of whole shares should be introduced at the same time. I don’t want to buy fractional shares at all.

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(Vladislav Kozub) #26

What if you will want to buy Lindt shares one day? :thinking:


(Kevyn) #27

I thought it was strange that you couldn’t buy an exact amount of shares. I generally try to buy in power of 10. So when I want 100 stocks and get 99, I cry a little inside :sweat_smile: . I’m all for this option!


(Vladislav Kozub) #28

This is the very question I asked James, the Head of Design, during the last Freetrade community meetup.

At the moment, Freetrade could only go with one or the other (number of shares or £) due to the third party provider’s limited capabilities. Once Freetrade has built its investment platform, they will have significantly more control over what features can be implemented.



Bring on the investment platform then :wink:


(Dave Smith) #30

I find it a bit odd that people care about the number of shares, for me it’s just as many as I can get for some £


(Emma (#20 😎)) #31

Round numbers is tidier


(Jeff puckering) #32



Obsessive Compulsive Disorder :grin:

To be fair for me it’s also that I’d want the option of setting both the amount of shares and the amount to buy them. Eg I want 1000 shares of company “x” and I’d be willing to pay £500 for those shares at the end of the day. Im aware that is the way other orders work but its a little different when delaying to a specific time in the day :wink:

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