Buying / selling shares

(Vladislav Kozub) #2

Hey Paul. Whilst I am sure you are likely to find interested parties, you would be best to contact Freetrade first and foremost and let them know of your intentions, they will be the best to advise on the next steps.

Wishing you best luck in your endeavour and hope all will work out :slightly_smiling_face:


This might help:

and this post, which explains share types, as A and B have different rights etc:

having shared that, it’ll be best to contact Freetrade and CrowdCube

Hope that helps, good luck!

(Paul B.) #4

Thanks for the additional information. I have B investment shares, so it should make it easy.
I had read too that finding the buyer may be the complicated part, so that’s why I was posting first to see if there is any interest.


if someone did buy the shares from a fellow investor can they then claim EIS?

(Paul B.) #8

Thanks for the extra information. By the way, does somebody the exact share price of the last round? I have a rough idea but no clear number to work with.




The share price in the last round was:


Here is the reason why there’s posts mentioning 54p CrowdCube Fundraise

Feels like a long time ago but it’s only been a few months :slightly_smiling_face:

(Calum McWhir) #12

Unfortunately not. The relief is only available for qualifying shares issued by the company. This rules out any post-issuance transfer.

Notable also that you forgo EIS tax benefits if the holding period is < 3 years.

(Mike) #13

I am interested in purchasing freetrade shares. Please message me if anyone is interested in selling.


(Michael V) #14

Hey @balancap have you found a way to sell you shares? I am interested in buying more.

I got in touch with Crowdcube and this is the response I got:

The ability to transfer shares depends on the Articles of the Company in question._

Under the Crowdcube Articles currently in force, B Investment Shares are freely transferable, and the company must be notified of the transfer.

Since you own type B shares (so do I), I believe we would need to notify Freetrade?

(Alex Sherwood) #15

That’s correct, Calum’s shared some more details about the process here -

(Mike) #16

I’ve recently purchased some freetrade shares from a community member. Would anyone else be interested to sell? If so, please PM me.



Curious as to what purchase price you settled at… was it the R3 price or negotiated?

(Mike) #18

A slight discount from r3 price but not by much.


If anyone has shares to sell I would be interested aswell.


Bargain :ok_hand::+1: Especially now that we are seeing real customers on the app :chart_with_upwards_trend::rocket:

(Michael V) #21


I have invested in Freetrade and I’m interested in buying more shares from other investors.

If you have invested less than £20,000 that means you have type B shares which are easy to transfer :slight_smile:

Please PM me if you want to sell your shares. The process has taken place before. Once we agree, we need to notify Freetrade to process the transfer.



It’s like some kind of “marketplace” or “exchange” for people that want to sell these shares and people that want to buy them would be useful :slight_smile:


Very interested in buying share if you want to sell please message me ASAP.

Best ,



Lol…Rod…what if I told you we are building one :sunglasses: