Buying / selling shares


Lol…Rod…what if I told you we are building one :sunglasses:

(John) #25

I would be interested in buy some Freetrade shares if they are still available. :slight_smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #26

I believe there would be regulatory issues with doing so. It may also unfairly inflate the share value due to lack of liquidity.

It would be safer to have independent shareholder-to-shareholder transfers at shareholders’ discretion and the updated valuations for the future funding rounds will act as a benchmark to target prices against.


I know, I was just joking. There’s already a perfectly good way of accessing markets, go public. (I mean, not easy to do, but it does exist.)


Yes there are regulatory issues, and it is difficult but as with anything if you can offer a solution for a need. It will work for instance. I bought shares off another person from Monzo and all I needed was for Monzo to agree it and some well written documentation. And that’s was it. ( the process took 4 weeks from start to completion)

And inflation of shares issue will have to be in accord with company articles.


Will there be more rounds of funding or is that it until an IPO? Would be interested and getting some shares myself.

(Jack Burchell) #30

Is there some way to be notified if there is going to be future rounds of funding, as I would love to invest! :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #31

Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to share the news here & on the blog so you’ll get plenty of notice :smile:

You can still follow Freetrade’s last campaign on Crowdcube though, which may mean that you’ll get updates from them too. If not, maybe Crowdcube should let users follow companies :thinking: @HannahCrowdcube


Hey guys again if anyone would like to sell shares let me know! DM me or just reply to me :smile:



I am in the same spot, where I need to liquidate some shares I got in the 3rd round of investment. Anyone willing to buy them, please ping me.

(Laszlo Simon) #34

hey, I would be Interested in taking a few of those shares actually. my bad on the reply I sadly dont know how to PM people yet. :sweat_smile:


How much you be willing to pay per share?

(Laszlo Simon) #36

offer and how many are you selling, ?

(Alex Sherwood) #37

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(Alex Sherwood) #38

I’ve just removed a couple of posts from this thread which contained personal email addresses.

If you’d like to discuss buying or selling Freetrade shares with someone, please send them a DM. You’ll need to spend some time browsing the site before you can send DMs.


I am already shareholder in Freetrade and would like to increase my holding. If you have shares you’d like to sell let me know and we can maybe come to an arrangement. Cheers

(Mike) #40


Is anyone interested in selling shares? DM me please.


(Bruce S) #41

I too am very keen to purchase some shares. Please DM me if anyone has an interest in selling.
Many thanks


were you able to sell the shares?

(Jonny) #43

I too would be interested in buying shares, please DM if interested