Buying / selling shares

(Damian O'Toole) #44

Throw my hat in the ring. I would be interested in buying more shares. I’m a r3 investor. Please send me a DM if you are looking to sell.


It would be interesting to see what price people would consider.

It’s been 6 months? since the raise and we now have a working app with 10’s of thousands on the list and thousands using it.

Also interested to know what the current customer count is.

(Andrew Clark) #46

Assuming that the customer number is the number of accounts then around 7500.


It’s certainly coming along. Let’s get to 100,000 by Spring :hugs:

How are you able to see the latest customer number?

(Vladislav Kozub) #48

This info is four days old:

7,500 seems like a fair estimate of today’s picture.

Alex shared the presentation here.

(Andrew Clark) #49

Cause my wife joined tonight and that’s her number. Two ISA allowances are better than one.

(Dave Smith) #50

Is the flat at the top of the waiting curve because people are being onboarded? I presume waiting will start going down as onboarding starts going faster that new users are signing up?

(Rob N) #51

Yes that’s right, the waitlist will reduce and new clients will overtake, they said they don’t want a waitlist that’s too high (as it can be off-putting) and don’t want people waiting too long before getting the app.

(Giridhar Tammana) #52

Is there a way to show people waiting for Android and iOS on the graph? I guess you don’t have the data!

(Alex Sherwood) #53

Yes, I’m sure we’ll do something like that for our next lot of slides.


hi there, anyone out there who is interested to sell their shares, please pm me. I have recently joined freetrade app and don’t have any shares yet. appreciate.

(Dimitri John Ledkov) #55

Yeah, i regret buying so little already =) this whole thing looks really awesome thus far.

(Natalia) #56

Hi there, are you crowdfunding any time soon? or end of next year? Thanks

(Alex Sherwood) #57

Hey :wave:

We don’t have any concrete plans for more crowdfunding yet, you’ve come to the right place to find out when we do share them though!


No ‘concrete’ plans eh :eyes:


Good to know because I need to save up first. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Aris David) #60

I’d sell 10% of my holdings at 10x the last round. That’s the price I’m willing to sell at right now. :stuck_out_tongue: (no just kidding) I won’t be selling, in fact I’ll be adding if there is another round.

FreeTrade’s potential is enormous, that’s what we’re betting on as investors.

In the UK, the total value of adult ISA and Personal Equity Plan is £600B. Junior ISA is about £4B. <- 2018 figures.


I’m interested in buying some shares, so if you’re looking to sell then please message me.

Thank you,

(Matthew Heald) #63

Would love to own a few hundred shares in this company. Message if you are willing to sell to me.



I think it is difficult for any prospective seller/buyer to gauge what price to exchange at.

Have they doubled/trebled/halved?!

What are people willing to pay at the moment?