Buying / selling shares


Hi I’m interested in buying some shares. DM me if you’re still selling

(Josh T) #86

I’m also interested in buying. Please reach out via DM to discuss. :smiley:

(Ben Baygan) #87

I am interested in purchasing freetrade B shares. Please message me if anyone is interested in selling.



Hello, i’d be interested - please DM me.

(Ryan) #89

Hi @Jakey. I would also be interested in purchasing some shares.

Please feel free to message me. Thanks!

(Giorgio Galotti) #90

Hello, if anyone is selling shares, i would be very interested in purchasing them.
Please feel free to DM me. Thanks!


Ten times the last share price and I might be tempted :joy: otherwise there may be a chance to invest in another round. Freetrade will be doing another this year I believe.


Although tbf I believe a multiple higher than this in the long run :grinning:


So would you buy shares at say 10x or 15x the price of the last raise?

(Dave Smith) #94

Not now, but in a few years if the earnings justify it, potentially.

In the meantime I have enough for now

(Charlie Hammond) #95

Does anyone have an update on current number of onboarded users and waiting? @alex.s

(Alex Sherwood) #96

For the waitlist size..

And we have just over 10,000 users now :tada::tada::tada:


Get them all on boarded! :+1:


Thanks Alex

Do you have any stats on how many originally on the waitlist did not convert to users and were you able to identify how many of those were due to being Android users?

Presumably that 82k also includes Android users who have passed on their access for now, or is that 82k new (unknown OS) users with Android users waiting in a separate list?

(Alex Sherwood) #99

Yes it does.

There’s a few reasons why users who’ve been invited might not have signed up yet i.e. they’re on Android, waiting for US stocks or the new tax year etc. so it’s a little bit soon to write people off :hugs:

(Stu) #100

To have 82,000 people on a wait list is fantastic for any business.

Just wondering why you don’t let them in, and open up to all new users? I’m guessing it’s because you are still testing and fault monitoring the platform but it seems a damn shame to be missing out on all that $

(Alex Sherwood) #101

We’re keen to get everyone onboard too, you should see the waitlist start to get smaller over the next month or so :running_man:


I think that in the 82 K you find not only Android users but also Non UK Residents waiting for European Expansion.

(Michael) #103

I am willing to sell a % of my holding if the price is right (5000 shares to be exact). DM me if interested with your price and email address. :grinning:


Unless they’re from multiple rounds not sure you can sell a proportion… :man_shrugging: