Buying / selling shares

Interested in buying, DM me if anybody has reason to offload. If not, I’ll await the next crowdfund.

I’ve got 327 shares I’m looking to sell, let me know if you’re interested in purchasing.

What price are you looking at?

I’ve got 20.928 A shares (purchased in 2017) I’m looking to sell, let me know if you’re interested in purchasing.

Im not sure it’s permitted for a shares to be traded?

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Should be permitted but with Freetrade’s assistance. Existing A shareholders must have the right to be offered to buy prior to B shareholders are able to. Also, I think the shares may need to be converted to B type. Maybe @dan.t could clarify?

cc @corradomazza


I believe you are correct, don’t think they can be. You have to convert to B shares first as I understand it.

So what are the share prices now then?

In the AMA thread at post 57 (I really need to spend more than ten seconds to figure out how to quote from another thread on mobile) Adam suggested that the company articles prevent the sale or transfer of A shares. I was just going off that so you’re probably right about them first needing to be changed but in reality I think an A share transaction needs discussing with freetrade first.

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Yes, the Company Articles place restrictions on the transfer of A shares and so they are much more difficult to sell than B shares (e.g. they need to be offered to all other A shareholders first, subject to certain corporate governance processes). @corradomazza, feel free to DM me on this


Any one selling, I am an interested buyer!

Details here

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What would somebody offer me for my 12,569 B Shares as an R1 investor ?

100 rupees

Possibly even 120

I would be robbing you :slight_smile:

How much did you invest for 12k shares?

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I invested £1k in R1

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Nice :+1: hope you get what you want, good luck

Might be tough with the current raise mind

I was just interested to find out potential worth. I may just sit tight and hope for the golden goose down the line.

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Does that mean they are A shares?

They’re worth 86.2p each now but are more complicated to sell

Edit: sorry, just saw where you said they are B. The price still stands tho :grin: