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The Asian listing isn’t likely soon, no. However, there appear to be other listings. I suggest requesting them using the form. The UK listing is 0VSO, which I suspect isn’t highly traded. I’d just Google all the listings you can find and request them all via the form in the pinned thread.

BYD is an Over The Counter (OTC) or ‘Off Exchange Market’ where dealings are done without the use of an exchange. (from Youtube channel, Binge Finance).

A fantastic video about BYD, their range of vehicles, in house battery tech and a tour of one of their factories.

Ignoring the over egged “self driving” technology, this video really shows just how far ahead of Tesla they are.

BYD Company Limited manufactures automotive products. The Company produces ordinary passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and other products. BYD also operates battery making, rail transportation construction, and other businesses.

I found a means of buying this. It’s available from Swiss bank SAXO
You can open a trial account without committing to any deals just to let you get a feel as to how it works.
BYD is currently trading at around £36 a share

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Hi @Lynnzer I can see you’re new around these parts so I’ll start with a tip of the ole hat image

Its probably best not to post links like this. This company might be fine but completely above board but it’s against rule 6 -

“Don’t promote other businesses, e.g. by posting or promising links or referrals links”

We’ve seen a lot of OTCMKTS ‘share chats’ added over the past week or so by the team which means listings are coming. Previously OTCMKTS weren’t supported by Freetrade US partner.

If you share anything interesting you find we can demonstrate a demand for Freetrade to get this on the platform with more votes. This article is a little old now but shows you can gain quite a lot of exposure to BYD by owning Berkshire Hathaway.

I found this article from Forbes but it was almost unreadable thanks to the adverts so I screen shot the reader view.

It’s going to be a real winner in my estimation and I’m sure there are other trading platforms where you can get a s;lice of them,

Hi, could you please add BYD Company Limited (BYDDY). This is a promising Chinese battery technology company.

I appreciate that the HK stock exchange might be put of scope of FT expansion, but if it was ever made available, I’d be very interested in Build Your Dreams; as their price point is aiming to disrupt the market and one of the few EV start-ups aiming to do so:

If it might never be possible to get them on FT, who have people got them with already? Thanks all.

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It’s often best practice to search first.

:freetrade: have hit some sort of stumbling block on support for OTCMKTS but this should be live (in theory)

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Thats weird, I did by the ticker but it didn’t come up. Ta!

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Another vote here for BYDDY.
Can this be made a stock request?

I know why now, I was searching for “Stock Request” and the other thread is under stock discussion.

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Charlie Munger convinced Buffet to invest in 2008. The rest is history

Ah, yeah this one is weird because it is in the no man’s land of request / discussion.

I’ll turn it back to a request. Get voting!

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BYD emerging as dark horse in global EV race:

“Chinese electric-vehicle and battery giant BYD also will report December sales. Warren Buffett-backed BYD is emerging as the dark horse in China’s EV race. BYD will look to top the 100,000-vehicle mark after setting a sixth monthly EV sales record.”

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I had no idea they were so established in the US already either!

BYD (Build Your Dream) also provide the batteries for Alexander Dennis EV buses in the UK.

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