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Ai like EV is all finally becoming reality it will only be used more and more and improved etc etc … my thoughts are get in and stay in and see where it goes … keep up to date on company updates … simple as that lol honest :joy:

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Does anyone know when they’ll report their financial results?

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This stock is dropping… can we expect it to go back up or do we want to divest now?

Wow I might finally be able to buy some soon…

You can get £2 worth with fractionals?

So who listened to my recommendation on the 20th of December? :sweat_smile:

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At this rate £2 will get me a whole share soon enough…

To quote Owen Wilson: “wow”

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Seeing some movement at the moment. Probably related to this

I’ve been holding it but it’s been getting beaten up over the past month or so. Hopefully the upward trend continues. I do feel they will benefit from the economy opening up more. We’ll see…

This looks like a steal at this valuation! But I can’t help but think it’ll go even lower.

Let’s have a moment of silence for those who invested at >$100 :pensive:

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