Call me old fashioned but

….how about having a button on the website that says…Contact, or Phone, or Email

I’m still waiting for my test funds to appear in my account on the mobile app and struggling to find a contact email or phone number to chase this up.

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If you go to your profile (little head icon top right), then you can access the live chat, which is the best place to get help.


Double check your reference number if you did a direct transfer, if that was wrong that might be a reason for your funds not showing in your account, either way on your portfolio screen in the top right corner head like icon, click on that and scroll down to the live chat someone will reply to you with help


I’m getting zero response or support - I’ll be closing my account. Completely unimpressed.

There used to be a Intercom widget on the homepage. Not sure what happened to that ( @Freetrade_Team1 ) . In any event you should be able to contact support without the app by clicking the orange Intercom icon in the bottom right on Support Hope that helps.

You know that support isn’t 24/7, right?


I’m sorry you didn’t hear back from us. :disappointed_relieved: Please message support on in-app chat and we’ll look into your funds issue.

We don’t offer phone support, so we’ll get that updated on our help page. Thanks for letting us know about this!